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I'm not usually one to get excited over shampoo as my hair care is fairly basic and I dont really do much or use a variety of products. But I saw this brand on my instagram and was mesmerised by the colourful bottles and I thought to myself "I want a pink one!" So I hopped onto Function ~ of Beauty's website to have more of a read about their product. The website is really pretty too, its made up of pastel colours which made it more of a great experience! So a little bit about the brand. They are a New York based brand where they make custom made Shampoos and Conditioners for their customers tailored to their hair type and what they would like the product to achieve. Each bottle is uniquely

Instax Mini 9 Review

I have wanted an Instax camera for ages, but ever since my bestie brought her Instax camera to my hen do, It sealed the deal! She took such amazing pictures which were then used to make a gorgeous memory book of the amazing trip as a gift to me (we went for a long weekend to Milan). I love how the photos look really authentic and vintage. Over the years photo quality has improved in quality and are mostly electronic so it’s lovely to have a feel of something old incorporated with something new. There is also something very special about taking a photo which you only have the one chance for and then having an actual copy of it instantly. My sister very kindly gifted me the amazing Instax min

The Quick Flick

"99 problems but winged eyeliner ain't one!" I’ve probably said this before, but the eyeliner look is one of my favourite looks to go to. I used to wear liner every day when I was in my early 20’s until it got too much so I left it for days I had more time. Creating the perfect cat eye flick can be time consuming, you need patience and a steady hand to get the perfect feline look. I love the cat eye flick look as I feel it elongates my eyes, makes the lashes look thicker and longer and also is a very versatile look. I can wear it on a normal day or jazz it up with a bold lip if I’m going out as I would much rather line my eyes than put eyeshadow on! ( I’m not the best at a blend lol) I have

ClayBaby Rose Mask

Thank you to ClayBaby for sending me their Pink Rose Clay Mask to try out . I am a little forgetful when it comes to masking but adding this Rose Mask to my routine was a delight.  It comes in a cute jar and I love the turquoise packaging against the pink mask with the twine ribbon. The mask has very few ingredients making it natural , eco-friendly and nutrient rich.  The mask would be most ideal for those with oily blemish prone skin but is will also be beneficial for those with dry skin. The main ingredients and their properties are: Clay is great for drawing out impurities and excess oils Aloe Vera is an antioxidant and antibacterial and reduces inflammation on the skin. It also has heali

Bellabox | Global Glamour

It seems that many people have escaped the colder weather of Australia and booked their euro trips. My Insta feed has been filled with holiday makers enjoying the warmer weather of the UK and Europe making me miss home that bit more as well as giving me holiday envy! Bellabox put together the “Global Glamour” box which is travel inspired and will help you stay gorgeous whether you’re on vacation or not! I got a whopping 7 items in my box this month so I was really excited about that and couldn’t wait to get started. Manna Kadar Blossom Floral Compact Everyone received the floral compact which is 3 in 1 with a highlighter, blush and bronze. You can also use the shades as eye shadow, especia

Crayola Beauty

When I got an email from ASOS telling us about the new Crayola Beauty range I was taken back to my childhood remembering how I would only use the pinks, reds and purple to complete a piece of art in my colouring book! Fast forward 20 or so years who would have thought I would be picking those same colour crayola's and trying to keep within the lines of my lips!? Crayola Beauty came exclusive to ASOS early June 2018 so I was able to easily order them online and have them shipped out to me within the week, with no issues or additional costs and get playing. There are 58 products in the range such as face crayons, lip and cheek crayons, color-changing lip crayons, highlighters, mascaras, palet

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