March Empties

I have some more empties this month and this month was the end of some products that I have been using for a long time and are regulars in my skincare / makeup routine. Wella Dry Me Shampoo I’ve mentioned this in some previous posts before and that’s because I loved it! I bought this from my hairdresser from their Wella collection and I don’t regret it all. I love using the dry shampoo to freshen up my locks and to add texture to clean hair. It’s been great for days I haven’t put the straighteners though my hair and it needs a little extra texture on the weird waves I have or when my curls/waves have flattened out the next day and my hair needs a boost and emphasis on the loose beach waves.

Beauty Loyalty Programs you need to be signed up with!

I loved being a part of the Boots Advantage Card Rewards when I was in the UK, so when I moved to Melbourne I made sure I joined with these three beauty store's rewards programs to ensure I made the most of what was out there. Why not get additional freebies for buying the things you enjoy? Its been a year and Ive been rewarded with some lovely products although I havn't really spent a lot. All my beauty necessities are purchased from the below three stores anyway , so its a great way to build up the spend/ point and get treated later. Im going to start by telling you about Mecca's Beauty Loop. Mecca's program puts you into tiers depending on how much you spend through out the year and to re

The StylePro Brush Cleaner

Cleaning your brushes is super important to ensure that makeup, dirt, dust and bacteria is cleansed away from brushes that your using to apply product to your skin especially if it’s a liquid product. This will ensure that your skin isn’t irritated , avoids break outs and most importantly will allow the brush to do its job and give you an amazing finish. I like to wash my brushes at least once a week or every other week depending on if I have enough clean brushes. I have been using a gentle baby shampoo to cleanse and clean them with the spectrum heart brush cleaner mat. For my birthday/ our anniversary this year, my husband gifted me with the StylePro brush cleaning device , which was reall

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