Mecca Max Makeup

Mecca Max is the makeup love child of Mecca , which is inspired by their in store experts to Maximize all our makeup looks. There is a whole range of makeup goodies, skincare and tool in the range to choose from, from lipsticks, makeup remover wipes to silicone blenders. There is huge product variety and I wanted it all when I went into the store! I love the packaging which is a mix of black, gold, orange and pinks which gives it a luxury, funky and modern feel. I found that the products were quite affordable in comparison to other brands that they stock in store and there was also a sample giveaway when you spent $50 on the day I went in, so picked myself up a freebie! I’ve been really exci

The Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the Lovely Sanoobar from Sanoobar Unscripted! The Liebster Award only exists on the internet and is given to bloggers, by other bloggers. It is a way of giving recognition to fellow bloggers for their work and accomplishments and also a way to discover new blogs. You are asked a series of questions as part of the award, for others to get to know you better and then you also nominate other bloggers and set out your own questions. Thank you for nominating me, Sanoobar! So lets get started with the Sanoobars questions. Out of all the countries you have visited, which one did you like the most? This question is a tough one! Italy has to my favourite pl

Chocolate Lamingtons

I remember my mum making chocolate lamingtons throughout my childhood and its always been a favourite. Little did I know its actually an Australian Dessert and you can get these everywhere down under, from the bakeries, supermarket and even the 7/11! I made these the other weekend and they were so delicious I enjoyed a few peices of the cake each day with a cup of tea, which resulted in a really bad diet week and the hard work at the gym going down the drain! The lamington is a vanilla sponge cake with its sides dipped in a chocolate syrup and then tossed into dessicated coconut. The syrup absorbs into the outer layer of the cake forming a tasty crust. You can also get big lamingtons which

Bellabox Jul 17 | Around The Globe

The 'Around the Globe' edition futures products from around the world, Including Australia , Korea, South America, France and England. I recieved items from Australia ( Zuii and Blaq) and the The Faceshop Items are Korean Inspired using South American Grown Chia seeds. Not much of an Around the Globe variery for me, but none the less some intresting new items to discover. BLAQ Mask These peel mask have gone viral over the net with people showing off their dirty blackhead catch, but I never got that sort of effect! I have used a similar mask before and nada with those too. The BLAQ mask was easy to apply and had a fairly thick consistency which was easily spreadable, I used an old foundatio

THE LIP LAB : Foundation and Lipstick

If you know me, you know I have a love for lipstick. I first heard of The Lip Lap when I was living in London, so I was really excited to be a part of the fun experience of having a shade blended for me. The Lip Lab is the very first of its kind in Australia to use this product and blending machine together and there is only one in Melbourne CBD. As I already had a meeting booked in the city, I decided to book myself in for a ‘Blend Your Own Foundation’ and a Lipstick. Ive been buying foundations for years and Im yet to find one that really matches my skin. If I have found the right shades, the tones are not right so after a while its either too grey or too orange. This was the perfect oppo

Current Everyday 5 Minute Makeup

Most days I really don’t spend too much time on my makeup. I either decided to sleep more before work, my other half needs me to get ready quickly (and reminds me I don’t need to dress up to go grocery shopping!) or I just want a low key day. My everyday routine doesn’t include any foundation. Since I was at college I wore foundation more or less everyday whether it was work, college/ uni or going out, it was so normal. This time last year I decided to embrace my skin and show it off. I found that foundations sometimes made me look older, darker and I got more breakouts. A combination of working in the polluted city and having oily skin didn’t help with reducing blackheads and the best way t

La Baguette Café

Fridays are currently the start of my weekend and what better way to start it then enjoying brunch out? I love going out to eat and get super excited when my other half suggests it . For one it means I don't have to cook and secondly I don't want to be the one to suggest it as it will be more often than he would like! Last Friday, he told me he had found the perfect place to take me and knew that I would love the look of the place, so without even asking to see it online I quickly took the opportunity to get out of making breakfast. La Baguette Café is in Berwick and a new treasure hidden amongst the other shops in the quite lane. It is a french inspired cafe and we were greeted with a cheer

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