Healesville Sanctuary | Melbourne

I woke up on sunday morning feeling pretty de motivated and sad that I didnt achieve my goals over the weekened (mostly due to being lazy!), so my other half decided to cheer me up and take me to Healesville Sanctuary . Its in Healesville and was a 50-60 min drive from the South East Suburbs. It was a beautiful drive up, we didnt take the freeway so enjoyed the views up the mountains and down and around the lanes of the country towns. It was super exciting to see the Koalas and Kangaroos ( like any tourist would say) and just generally having a great day out in the countryside. Check out my Vlog of my day out and the animals I encountered! Sal x

July '17 Empties

I have finally come to some empties this month. There is somewhat a feeling of satisfaction when a product finishes knowing you've gone through the whole lot and can now try something new. These are my first bits of empties since I came to Melbourne. I didn't bring half full products/ or I bought brand new items when I arrived. I had to be efficient with packing but also had to bare in mind, that I might not be able to find my favourite brands here, so researched before hand. So 5 months later I’ve actually got some empties. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner Definer- Red Diva This is all my all time favourite red lipliner/ lipstick. I have gone through so many of these and I always g

Chocolate and Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding

I have recently really loved experimenting with Chia seeds. Especially for breakfast! Its really quick and easy to prepare and packed full of nutrients. It is said that chia seeds were a source of energy for the Aztecs warriors which gave them strength and endurance. Chia means “strength” in the mayan language. The seeds are rich in fibre, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Research has found that the chia seeds benefits include: Promoting healthy skin Reducing signs of ageing Supporting the heart and digestive system Building stronger bones and muscles, and more. Chia seeds have become very popular as of recent and Pinterest is full of recipes to help prepare and make the most of

Life Update: Moving to Melbourne!

Hi guys, so its been forever since I've been able to get a blog post out! I don’t really have a reason other than I’ve had big changes in my life. That’s not the best excuse or anything, but the time has literally just flown by. I have been itching to get back to blogging and also start a YouTube channel, so that is all in the works currently. As you may have guessed, I’ve moved to Melbourne! YAAAAAY. I’ve been down under now for just over 5 months and I’m finally all settled in. I am living in the suburbs with my significant other and life is great! We just need a cat :-) Long distant relationships are not easy so seeing his face every day is a dream come true. Getting a new home and fillin

Bellabox Jun 17 | Winter Wind-Up

The Winter Wind up edition was literally perfect for this month. Its been super cold , with it actually reaching 1 degree the other day! You would think I would be used to such temperatures but Melbourne cold is something else! My hands feet and hair have been so dry and at one stage so was my face. This months edition of Bellabox was catered to the cold dry weather and I really enjoyed using most the products. Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick Shade 30 I love berry coloured lipsticks especially in Autumn and Winter. The particular shade was more purple and it was a great new discovery. Ive been to the Rimmel Counter many times for a new purchase but have never really find anything that I l

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