Daniel Sandler | Watercolour Liquid Blush

I am ever so late to the discovery of Daniel Sandler's Watercolour Liquid blushes. Its better late then never, as these are just perfect. Ive heard my sister rave about these a lot, so I though I would make the most of a Look Fantastic and Cult Beauty discount coupon and picked out 4 colours to buy ( Look fantastic didn't have the whole range, so thats why I also ordered from Cult Beauty). There is a whole range of colours ranging from natural to vivid shades, but I kept it quite low key with the shades I bought. I bought Glamour, So Pretty , Passion and Cherub. The formulas all contain Vitamin E and Jojoba to enhance application and nourish skin. They are silicone based and oil free which h

Kylie LipKit | Buyer Experience

The Kylie Lipkits have been a huge craze and I know I'm a bit late, but I never really wanted them to begin with. But as most people know, when you constantly see something Its hard to say no! For those of you who are planning on purchasing or if your just interested in my journey of buying them, keep reading! I contemplated over a few restocks about the shades I would like/ or if I even wanted them. After my first last minute attempt, 20 mins after restock and loosing the good shades from my basket, (whilst still making a impulsive decision) I gave up! I knew it was an impulsive decision and after reading a few negative reviews I still wasn't too sure if I wanted them. Like most people, I

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