My September Birchbox

Firstly an Official Happy 5th Birthday to Birchbox! They are celebrating their 5th Birthday with this amazing box of american products, some already known to me and some new. The most exciting thing this month is that all subscribers have been entered in for the chance to win a trip to New York! How exciting! I’ve also sent 3 referrals for another 3 entries for the comp. The more chances the better. Ive never been to the big apple, so this would be a great one to win. Birchbox have put together a selection of products which are all from american brands, (as Birchbox started in America). I know my review is a bit late, ( sorry!) but better late then never. My favourite of the bunch has to be

My Laser Hair Removal Experience

Your either one of the lucky ones or you're not. I fall into the ‘not so lucky’ category. For as long as I can remember I have been waxing, shaving, plucking, threading. I finally had enough and a few years ago decided to go down the laser hair removal route. Firstly it can be expensive and painful but effective on the ideal candidate; candidates with dark coarse hair. I would recommend you book for a consult if you are interested. If laser is applied to the wrong type of hair it can have the opposite effect and encourage hair growth. I started with laser hair removal on my face including upper lip, sides, chin. I was always obsessed with being hair free, so had started to wax parts of my fa

The Weekly Cleanse

I for sure at some point in my life never washed my brushes regularly, maybe every few months ( eww) I dont know why I never thought it was important, but since a girl with amazing skin asked me 'why the hell not?!' in disbelief , I have never looked back. I dont have any fancy way of cleaning my brushes, but keeping a routine of using clean brushes has kept the pimples at bay. Depending on the amount of brushes you have, I would say it can take about half hour. I like to chit chat with my sisters whilst I spot clean, so It takes me a little longer, but either way cleaning your brushes is a must! Its un-hygienic and will definitely make a difference to application. I have some brushes that

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