Poni Cosmetics is a Cruelty Australian makeup brand , founded by Evette Hess McEwan who created a makeup line that a women of any skill level could use. The products were designed to be easy to use, flattering, unique and perfect for the everyday women.

The range offers a complete brow range and lash products including the bestselling ‘The White Knight’ mascara which I actually have and enjoy using.  The newest product from the range is the ‘Unicorn by Poni’  - an ombre trio of a Chocolate Bronzer, Candy Blush and Champagne Highlighter.


The bronzing ombre pressed powder ranges from a light to dark bronze, that is the perfect tone without an orange finish giving a lovely summer bronzed glow look. This shade would be suitable for all skin tones as you can choose to use the dark or light side, although I didn’t find it too be different. You can use the bronzer all over your face, on your cheeks or as a soft contour or even as an eye shadow.


The sunset shaded ombre pressed powder blush has a beautiful matte pink and a soft shimmery peach, that gives a great candy blush . you can use the each side on its own or mixes. Depending on the rest of my make up I really liked the shimmery peach shade.


The silky ombre highlighter blends from a light soft shimmer to a warm champagne sparkle. Again with the both diff shades I didn’t notice a huge different when applied individually, so I just mix them both to achieve a soft sheen glow to my skin. Again this compact will also be perfect for all skin tones.

These three compacts have been a dream to use and to be honest I don’t have a negative thing to say. All three compacts come with a mirror inside, are ombre shaded which look pretty and the blush gives two tones. They are so silky and smooth in texture giving the softest blend on the skin when applied and are really easy to use. They can also be multiused for eyeshadow to create different looks. I love using highlight on the inner corner of my eyes and as its sheer you don’t get an over load of glitter and is beautiful. The bronzer is also lovely to deepen the socket of the eyes or use as a base for a neutral look.

I do probably have the smallest critique which is actually not bad, but depending on the stiffness of the brush used,  as the powders are really soft you do get a bit of loose pigments produced once you swirl your brush in. The brush I use for the highlight and blush is a lot softer than the bronzer brush , so I didn’t get as much loose pigments for them.

I would highly recommend the trio. I’ve been using them for the past 2 weeks and have really enjoyed them.

Shop these beauties on the Makeup Cartel's website. 

Sal x