The Quick Flick

"99 problems but winged eyeliner ain't one!"

I’ve probably said this before, but the eyeliner look is one of my favourite looks to go to. I used to wear liner every day when I was in my early 20’s until it got too much so I left it for days I had more time. Creating the perfect cat eye flick can be time consuming, you need patience and a steady hand to get the perfect feline look.

I love the cat eye flick look as I feel it elongates my eyes, makes the lashes look thicker and longer and also is a very versatile look. I can wear it on a normal day or jazz it up with a bold lip if I’m going out as I would much rather line my eyes than put eyeshadow on! ( I’m not the best at a blend lol) I have gone to the lengths of dabbling with DIY stamps, using tape and even buying an eye liner stencil but they were never perfect enough and I gave up on them.

I came across The Quick Flick on some social media platforms and had seen that Huda Beauty is also a big fan of the product but when the 23 yr old Perth inventor, Iris Smit show cased the cheats way to a flick on Australia’s Shark Tank, It gave me the push to try it out. The product is currently only available on their website, so I ordered a set which came within a week.

The Quick Flick Liners are designed to help achieve symmetrical looking eyes, quickly and with less effort. They are double ended pens where one side is a stamp of a flick and the other end is a felt pen to line the rest of the eye and they are both pre-loaded so there is no need to dip into any formula . Each size comes with two pens, one for the right eye and the other for the left.

The Quick Flick comes in three different sizes : Petite 8MM, Modest 10MM and Grand 12MM. You can purchase these individually, In a set ( 2 sizes Petite & Modest or Modest & Grand) or the triple pack. The Original Quick Flicks are all in the shade Black, but you can currently pre order their limited new shade Hot Fudge. The pens are advertised as 100% Waterproof, Smudge Proof, Sweat-proof and the products are all Cruelty Free.

The packaging is also very cute. The outer colour theme is baby pink and embossed gold so it feels quite girly but also luxurious. The pens them selves are a shiny glossy black with gold lettering.


So when I first received the eye liner, I wanted to test out how big the flick was on the back of my hand, which I did and I found that the product applied was pigmented although the formula is on the light side. The flick was also very defined with no bleeding of the product when applying pressure. The product is also definitely waterproof as it took me a lot of effort to remove that one stamp from my hand!

Using The Quick Flick itself was really easy. I started by stamping the flick on first , by applying a little bit of pressure to make sure it had applied with enough product and was filled in. I then used the other end of the pen to line the rest of my eyes. The felt pen looks thick but has a really flexible fine nib to get precision and can achieve a thin line, which is also buildable. I also prefer my flick to be elongated into a thinner triangle shape so I used the pen to extend it that bit more. I bought the modest size which was just the perfect size for me and looked more or less the size of a flick I would try to achieve if I was going free hand. I would suggest using each pen for each eye ( the flicks is a must because of the symmetrical flick shape) as the ink on the pen side will start to become faint if you use the one pen on the second eye too. The pens also need to be stored horizontally to ensure flow of product on both sides.

The shading of the formula is a nice deep black which didn’t wear out/ lighten or fade throughout the day. It also wasn't too shiny/ glossy or even dry/ matte looking when the product had dried. The product also didn’t feel too wet when applying, so it dried quickly. Sometimes when you go over a flick, it also wipes away the product at the same time, but I didn’t find that this happened with The Quick Flick.

As a test, I tried to rub my liner off with my fingers, but the product didn't budge, the same with a wet finger. The product is waterproof but It came off with ease using Micellar water and a cotton pad. I initially thought I may need an oil cleanser, but didn't in the end which was good as I didn't have one! I didn't get panda eyes and the product came of very clean so it was pretty easy in terms of removing the product.

I am really impressed with The Quick Flick liner. I found it was very easy to use and I was able to complete the look in less than half the time it would normally take me. I would take forever on the flick with a standard liner, having to tidy it up with a cotton bud or even start again but this was no more. My eyes felt comfortable throughout the day and I was complimented on how symmetrical the liner looked. The cat eye stayed prominent throughout the day, with no flaking or dryness and also wasn't a time consuming effort to remove it.

I would definitely recommend the liner to those who struggle with a cat eye flick or would just like an easier way to achieve the look. I bought the size modest, as it has the middle sized flick and I thought I would most likely be able to play around with it and get a shorter or longer flick depending on where I positioned it around my eye, which was the case and I didn't have to buy all three sizes.

$34.99 for a single sized Quick Flick , FREE STANDARD SHIPPING within Australia and $5 STANDARD INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ( All customs fees, taxes and duties is responsibility of customer) See website for more details :

Ingredients: Water, iron oxide, jojoba oil (hardened), triglycerides (vegetable oil blend), vegetable oil (hydrogenated), shea butter, mica, canola oil, candelilla wax, glycerin fatty acid ester (plant origin), carnauba wax, vitamin e, sunflower oil, vitamin c.

Thanks for reading! If you have bought The Quick Flick , let me know what you thought.

Sal x