The Friday Feels Rose Quartz Duo

I was really kindly gifted the Rose Quartz Duo, from The Friday Feels to incorporate into my skincare routine. How pretty are they?? I am loving the pink duo which consists of The Everyday Double Ended Roller and The Unique Gua Sha ( pronounced gwa sha). They are both very different in how they usedbut provide the same benefits for the skin.

Rose Quartz is a pink variety of Quartz stones and is the universal stone of love. It is known to be great for the heart and blood circulation, so incorporating it into skin care will bring more oxygen to the skin resulting in improved tone, glow and lustre. Rose quartz is also packed full of minerals, including silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen and has an amazing ability to reduce inflammation, support the renewal of skin cells to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

The 100% pre handmade Rose Quartz duo is simple to use and you only need to give yourself about 5-10 mins per use to give yourself some love to rake in the benefits for which your skin will thank you later!

Overall the benefits of the duo include-

  • Destressing the facial muscles and tension

  • Improved tone and elasticity

  • Improved feeling of smooth and firm skin

  • Improved the appearance of clearer skin

  • Reduce puffiness of under eye area

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Giving the skin a natural glow

  • Promoting detoxification by lymphatic drainage

  • Aids the absorption of your skin care

What is the purpose of Lymph Drainage? The massage technique done correctly will move waste fluid out of your tissues into the lymph nodes where bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed. It reduces swelling, pain and stimulates your immune system as well as increasing the circulation of white blood cells.

The dual ended roller and gua sha work very similarly and you get the same results, but the gua sha allows you to work a bit more firmer to give the skin deep muscle relaxation and to contour the jawline. You can use it to Detoxify and to Regenerate and the techniques are different by at the same time quite similar.

To Detoxify you role gently in a downwards movement and this also stimulate lymphatic drainage . This helps drain away waste fluid from the face and towards lymph nodes.

To Regenerate you role more vigorously and faster in an upwards motion with a slight flick as the end of each roll. You would do the regenerating steps after you detoxify. You can also spot use on areas such as around the mouth and the eyes and between eyebrows/forehead where wrinkles are more prominent.

Check out my video below that demonstrates how to use the product

I loved how relaxing both tools were on the skin to get your own spa treatment at home with little effort and time and I would definetly recommend having the roller kit in your routine or atleast one of the two. They are very easy to use and I did find that my skin looked and felt much better with regular use in the tone and appearence of my skin. These will easily be a part of my routine as it also applied my serum deeper into my skin as opposed to the just the top layer and I was able to see the difference in my skin smoothness within 1-2 weeks of use. I don't have many wrinkles at the moment, but its good time I concentrate on the areas around my mouth, eyes and forehead to help minimise the appearance as I'm only getting older!

Check out TheFridayFeels website for more information on the products:

Sal x