I was so excited to be given the chance to try The Australian Clay Co Masks. The brand reached out to me and gave me a choice of their three mask and I chose the #NoFilter Gold Clay Mask as I felt it was most suited for my skin type and concerns. With my oily skin I love using clay masks to really detoxify my skin at least 1-2 a week.

The brand has three types of masks: Baby Doll, Ageless Angie and No Filter. They are all made from Native Botanical extracts and naturally mined clay from Australia. They are also suitable for all skin types and Cruelty free . The masks have similar properties with slight variations but obviously all have the amazing extraction of impurities benefit.

The No Filter mask has Golden Wattle to brighten, Activated Charcoal to tone correct/ Extract and Gold Mica to detoxify. Ive not any skincare with Golden Wattle or Gold Mica before so they were both new to me. The mask also comes with a small brush with really soft bristles for application.

The first thing you notice about the mask, is how fragranced it is. I cant really point out what the smell is but its really pleasant. The mask is probably the smoothest and silkiest mask I have tried with no air bubbles so with the soft bristled brush it applied onto my skin really well. Although the mask is called a Gold Clay Mask, it doesn't look golden or have any shimmers, but its a lovely cream colour. I loved the brush and its different to my usual mask brush and I can see where I have been going wrong. The bristles are super soft but strong enough to scoop out the mask and even spread on to the face.

Once applied I has a slight tingling sensation, not too much. On the several different occasions I used the mask, the tingle sensation level differed, but it did fade away quickly. It also felt really cooling on the skin which was perfect during the warm weather. The mask didn't take that long to dry and was pretty much ready to wash away within 10-15 mins. Most charcoal masks that I have used dry to the extent that it sucks at the pores where you can see the oils, but this mask didn't. As with most masks it took a little effort to rinse off but the instructions do advise you to use warm water and a wash cloth.

As soon as I had washed that first thicker layer off my skin, I could already feel how soft my skin was. My skin was smoother, hydrated and looked flush and radiant. I felt that the mask didn't extract away all my oils so there was a good balance of my own natural oils that kept my skin supple. One particular thing I noticed the most about my skin was that it was taute and my pores actually looked minimised. My pores are mostly around the side of my nose going onto my cheeks but with regular use of the mask every 2 days , I felt It help my skin feel more plump and taute which reduce their appearance.

Overall I think this is one of my fave clay masks I have used in a really long time. I usually use masks in the evening but I think I am going to incorporate this mask during the day, before I do my skincare and makeup. It gave my skin an amazing texture straight after a fresh mask, so Im guessing it will make my makeup look so good!

The masks cost $68 AUD with free shipping. The Masks also have free shipping worldwide with no minimum spend. If you want a cheeky 10% off use code TANZILA10 . For more details head over to Australian Clay Co's website.

Sal x