Stress Free Moving Tips

I like to be super organised and I think I'm pretty good at it...sometimes anyway. When we found out we had to move I started planning everything that needed to be done even before we had found another place just to ensure the process didn't stress me. So needless to say the move went really smoothly and the only hiccups we had were things that were out of our control and I had the new house set up in the 4 days I had allocated. Its now been a month and we have settled in and enjoying out new home!

Moving can be a stressful time for most people so I thought I would share things that I learnt and did over the process. We lived in a 2 bedroom unit, so its smaller than the standard house and we didn't had too many things so I planned that I would need 4 days with the structure below.

Day 1 - Move small things and clean new house

Day 2 - Moving Truck / Fix bed / set up some rooms like living and bedroom.

Day 3 - Clean old house / unload boxes in new house

Day 4 - Unpack & Chill

Below is a summary of what I did in prep to the move starting at 2 weeks in advance. Your structure will differ if you live in an apartment/ house so will need more/ less time but don't forget to factor in some chill time, as it is exhausting!

2 weeks in Advance

Book some time off work, I wanted at least 3 days of overlap between both houses which started on the weekend, so I took 2 days off work.

Start collecting boxes. You may know someone who works at a warehouse where they get can get some for you, or try and ask at your local supermarket if they have any you can take home ( they will just go into recycling anyway!)

Start packing whatever you can earlier! You may think you don’t have much/ or may have a lot but it can be overwhelming to pack it all away. I started to pack away DVDs, display items around the house, some kitchen items and those random things at the back of the cupboards that you rarely use.

Start planning on what clothes/ skincare/makeup up you know you will need and pack the rest away ( like your summer clothes, cultural clothes or the fancy items you know that won’t be needed)

Make a list of places where you need to change address. You can also get the post office to re direct you mail, at a cost. (see attached list of where I had to change my address)

Book your moving truck/ or get your quotes . A truck that comes with two people to assist is the best option, so you can let them to take all the heavy items in the house and they have the knowledge to best load the truck and use the space wisely. The company will usually ask how many room / items there are to determine the size of the truck. Confirm details such as if you will be charged door to door, their minimum hrs required. Cost after the minimum time and how many people they supply. Budget removalist may not be insured to move pianos or snooker tables.

If you need to book a cleaner or Professional Carpet Cleaners ( if you have a rental) start getting quotes to book something in at the latest week before moving.

1 week in advance

When packing your clothes, if you can, leave them on the hangers and fold them into suitcases or boxes. Some moving company have moving wardrobe rails , so you could query this.

I packed all my makeup, skincare either into makeup bags, sturdy paper carrier bags and boxes. These are the items I didn’t want transfer via the truck so I transported all beauty/ jewellery items in my car. I kept 1 travel makeup bag of items I use the most and 1 bag of skin care to use until we moved.

Contact your utilities companies for your new house and confirm that the electric/gas/water will all be working on the day you need it to. We has an company who set up our utilities for us so we just had to decide who to go with.

Contact your utilities companies for your current/old house and let them know when you will be leaving and give them your forwarding address.

Organise your Wifi! Sometimes the Wifi can take a while to get set up as providers may need to book engineers to come to the property to set up the wiring/connection. We have had this issue at both the houses we have moved into. For the first house we waited about 5 months to get Wifi as the property was not set up at all and for the new house we had to wait just over 2 weeks for a connection.

Start some cleaning in advance. Once you have started to clear out rooms like to kitchen, get the cleaning started on the range hood, oven and empty cupboards. Also see if any of the walls needs cleaning, the skirting around the house and the window sills. Get them all done earlier so you save time in the last few days.

Start wrapping your dishes in newspapers, magazines, using tea towels to line your boxes, to keep them safe from breakage. Label these as fragile and keep them separate to other boxes, so you can let your removalist know that they are fragile.

Don’t buy foods that need to be frozen/ kept in the fridge if not necessary. We tried to use up foods that we had so there was less to move and no worries of food going off.

2 days in advance

Ask family/ friends if they can help out with the moving of small things that you can transport in the car. In total my husband and I both packed our cars and did about 8 trips in total! This saved on the amount of trips the truck had to take as we were being charged per hour and the truck took all the big stuff, with 1 trip totalling 2 hours to pick up and drop.

Pack a suitcase for things you will need for the next few days of the move.

1 day in advance

I packed all my food into strong shopping bags. It was just like loading my car after a big shop and was very practical. As I didn’t have to worry about cooking for the 4 moving days, I actually took these items to the new house on Day 4.

If you need to defrost your freezer, do it the day before and ask friends family, if they can store your items for the next 1-2 days.

To summarise

1. Pack up one room at a time

2. Don’t over pack boxes

3. Have some over lapping days and plan what needs to be done for each day.

4. Start cleaning and packing in advance, as it will really help with time. and your stress levels.

5. Label boxes as to which room they belong to. Let your removalists know so they can put in the relevant room at the new house

6. Let the removalist know if you have any fragile items. Mark FRAGILE on the boxes too.

7. If you have a washing machine remember to bolt the drum to the outer frame ( the bolts come with the machine, so keep these safe when you make the purchase)

8. Your bed may be dismantled, so it’s a good idea to also have the manual to rebuild it.

9. Ask the removalists to take the fridge/ freezer last. When they are ready switch it off and pack the items into a cooler bag to transport. If you have a freezer were ice builds up, you may need to defrost your fridge the day before the removalist moves it.

10. Try keep your clothes on hangers when packing them away. TRUST ME! This will make unpacking so much easier.

Hope my move experience and what I did and learnt is beneficial to you in the future. I also vlogged during the move , which you can find here.

Thanks for reading.

Sal x