Do you have a lot of makeup and skin care, which you want to keep organised but look pretty at the same time? Look no further - I have found the perfect place that caters for your required storage solution!

'Pretty Organised' sell the perfect range of elegant handmade organisers than can be used for all types of makeups and even skin care. There is a place for your brushes, foundations, lipsticks, palettes and bottled products. Not only are the organisers great for your vanity they can also be used in the bathroom.

There is a whole range of organisers that are sold individually, but if you want a little more maybe the set bundles would be perfect. There are 3 different set you can purchase - Universal, Essential and The Pretty Organised Collection.

I was kindly gifted the Essential Set, which covers all the basics you would want to organise. Instead of using the foundation organiser for foundations, I decided to display my pretty perfumes . This can also be used in the bathroom for your skincare, which I will change up in a few weeks. The palette organiser is pretty spacious and as I dont have a big collection, it perfect to also add in some smaller compacts. The 3 brush organiser is big enough to fill it with plenty of brushes. I was able to seperate out my eye brushes, foundation concealer brushes and face brushes so it will be easy to find what I need. Last but not least, the Lipstick holder, can hold 24 lipsticks! It was a little difficult to choose all my faves but I managed to choose my most used and pretty ones to have access to easily.

There are plenty more products available so be sure to check out the Pretty Organised website.

All the organisers are :

Available in Marble and Matte Black

Good quality, heavy & sturdy.

Come with grips at the bottom for support and are slip proof.

Available in different sets for better prices if you are interested in more than one items.

Pretty Organised offers: Flat rate shipping, Hassle free returns and Same day dispatch if your order is placed before 12pm. You can also get 10% of your first purchase by subscribing to the website - Pretty Organised.

How do you organise your products?

Sal x