Ive been surrounded by women who have been using Olay products for years and I decided to add the brand into my skin routine a good few years back with the Total Effects Night cream. I had also recently purchased the new Luminous Whip to try something new for my day cream. To my surprise Priceline, also sent me the full Whip range, So I’ve been able to incorporate the others into my routine too!

So what is the new Olay Whip range? It is a new powerful moisturiser range that is ‘light as air’ made with new technology that is said to give a light, non greasy/sticky finish but with the same high potent results that Olay is known for. They are available in Regenerist, Total Effects and Luminous.

There is a bit of science behind the new formulation which I will try and explain. The Whip range is made with Active Rush Technology(TM) that can hold and release 1000x its weight in hydration and active ingredients. The Whips transform from a gel cream to liquid when massaged into the skin (due to salt naturally contained in skin), absorbing in to deliver its benefits and hydration - but with the light as air feel.

The Olay whips are said to deliver powerful skincare to give a smooth and matte finish which should last 8 hours! All three of the different Whips are made with youth restoring benefits to smoothen, firm up , tone and nourish the skin.

Below is some more specific info for each of the Olay Whips, from the PR pack.

Olay Regenerist Whip - Aimed at wrinkles without heaviness

Its formulated with advanced Amino-peptide complex II to improve elasticity, firm skin & reduce the look of wrinkles.

Olay Total Effects Whip - Ultimate Nourishment without weight

Its formulated with Vitamins C & E, to deliver 7 preventative ageing benefits in one; including nourishing moisture, evening out skin tone, enhance brightness, to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles, minimise the look of pores, firming the skin and reduce the visibility of dark spots.

Olay Luminious Whip - Lasting Radiance without shine

It is formulated with PearlOptics (TM) Science for lasting radiance , the brightening moisturiser evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of pores.

I have been using the Luminious Whip in the mornings & the Regenerist Whip at night time.

The texture is the same on both the creams, they are light and airy gel creams that melt into the skin as soon as it’s massaged in. I like to use a generous amount as it soaks into the skin with no residue only leaving my skin plump, hydrated and soft. I have been using these both for over a month more or less everyday and my skin is noticebly feeling and looking a lot better. They also smell the same- With a subtle marine like smell which is pleasant and isnt overly perfumed.

I chose to wear the liminious whip in the mornings to help with giving my skin a radiant dewy look along with brightening my skin and reducing my pores for the day. The texture the moisturiser leaves is dewy and plump skin and makes a perfect base for the rest of my makeup. However I wear SPF after moisturiser so I would still use a primer before my makeup. Because the whip is very light, my skin didn’t feel heavy or clogged so this is also great for those who has oily skin. In regards to staying matte – it did help with keeping me oil/ shine free for longer than usual but not the whole day! By the time it was 3-4pm I did have some sheen and it also totally depended on what makeup I was wearing on each day.

At night I chose to use the Regenerist Whip, as I wanted to use something anti ageing in my routine as I don’t currently. My night time routine also includes oils, so I found that I has no issues using the both together. First the oil and then the whip. I did find that on some days this wasn’t enough and I needed something more nourishing and creamy to not on hydrate but to nourish my skin with other beneficial ingredients. However in just over a months use I did find my skin to be firm and smoother. For reduce wrinkles I think I would need to use it for a little longer.

Other ways these whips can be used are as a mask for about 10 mins to get that extra plump dewiness and I loved doing this before a special occasion makeup look. My makeup just sat better and looked smother on the skin. You can multi moisturise if you wanted to- but I find this a little extra and time consuming.

Overall I found that the 2 moisturisers I used were great as they were hydrating and I felt my skin looked more plump, smooth, firm and radiant. I also felt that my pores were not as prominent- which I was surprised about, but I do believe that pores cant be tightened permenantly but with hydrated plump skin they are less noticeble. On some days I needed more than just hydration for my skin, so I would use other products along side these. I feel that the air whips will be more suitable for day use as they are so light, so I can allow more creamier oilier products for the nights. I do like the healthy glow that I have achieved with these and will definetly be keeping these in my skincare routine.

These are $48.99 each at Priceline – Keep an eye out for their sales as they do down in price!

Sal x