I am pretty low key when it comes to my hair. I want to use products that will protect and nourish my thick hair without leaving a heavy residue behind resulting in my scalp and hair becoming greasy within a day and it looking limp and lifeless. My regular routine is only a shampoo/ conditioner and hair oil. I let my hair dry naturally and use straighteners every other day.

Neon and Co have a selection of Hair and Body products in their range and I was really kindly sent their Hair and Scalp Mask to try out. The brand wants to give you good hair days with very little effort and should be easy to achieve. So I knew this was something I had to try!

Good hair days shouldn’t mean just having hair that looks good, it should also feel fabulous. The Hair and Scalp mask is part of their signature line that is designed to prolong the life of a blow wave, minimise the need to wash and also reduce drying time. The mask has ingredients like 18-MEA and Silk Amino Liquids to strengthen the hair cuticles and making is resistant to damage. It is meant to be hydrating, detangling and also aimed to restore the scalps microflora balance.

2% of dry hair is made up of lipids where a substantial amount is 18-methyl eicosanoic acid at the surface. These lipids are on the outside of each cuticle to protect the surface and give hair its smoothness and ‘slip’. 18-MEA is said to minimizes future damage of the hair and actually halts the aging process. It can target and repair each hair, attaching itself to the damaged areas and restoring the surface.

The mask is Aussie made and free from parabens and is sulphate free.

The Neon and Co Hair and Scalp mask smelt amazing as soon as I removed the seal of the tub - It is a little fruity which I liked and it definitely looks different to other creamier masks I have used. The texture is gloopy, silky and smooth.

You are advised to use a thumbs amount ( no sure how to measure that!) of the treatment , combed through towel dried hair all over the mid lengths of the hair and the ends. As the texture is light and silky its quite easy to massage through the hair and get an even application- even with my thick hair. The only thing I found a bit tedious was to towel dry my hair after shampooing and after the first time I didn’t use a towel and just squeezed water out my hair out really well so its wasn’t dripping wet. If you hair is too wet the mask wont adhere to your hair strands properly. You can then massage the remaining mask onto the scalp giving it a little massage to increase circulation.

You do need to leave on for about 5-10 mins for best results so I use that time to get a good exfoliation or shave in and before you know it its time to rinse the mask off. It rinses out fairy quickly as it isn’t excessively creamy which is great. I immediately felt how smooth my hair had become whilst it was still wet! There have been times I have left it on for a shorter amount and my hair still has lovely results.

I used the Neon and Co Hair and Scalp mask in place of a normal conditioner and the usual oil I use after washing my hair and I was so surprised with how great my hair looked and felt once dry. With most hair products that are new to me, I test them by not blow drying my hair or using additional products.

My hair has been manageable, silky but strong and feels healthy. Some products can make my hair really heavy and limp which I don’t like so I was happy this mask left my hair feeling nourished, shiny and best of all didn’t feel I needed a wash too soon. The only time I may have had to wash it sooner than I liked was when I massaged my scalp with the mask – so I stopping doing that and just used on the mid ends of my hair. I have also been complimented on how sleek and healthy my hair looks evening though its been about 2-3 months since I have had a cut.

Not only is the mask serving a purpose to my hair and making it look and feel beautiful it’s quick and easy to use. You also didn’t need a lot of the product for each use so the tub I have will last me a while. I will really like to try out the other products in their range and see how well the routine of all the products would work for me together.

For more detail and to check out the full product range -Check out Neon & Co's website .

Sal x