Haircare Bear

Whose going to say no to two gummie babies a day to to get gorgeous locks?! These delicious chewable berry flavoured gummie bears from The Haircare Bear are a multi vitamin supplement to assist hair growth, give follicle strength and a glorious shine. They are a blend of Vitamin C, A, E, Biotin and Zinc and not only supports hair but also nails.

They have a delicious raspberry and blueberry flavour and actually taste amazing, Some days I felt so guilty having them first thing in the morning as they are such a treat. They are also suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, soy free and Non GMO. Ive seen a noticeable difference to my hair and it has grown a lot more faster than usual. I was recently complimented on how much longer my hair had grown in a short period of time by people I see everyday! My hair has been in great condition with a healthy shine & feel, despite my very low maintenance routine. These gummies also work on your nails which was perfect as I damaged a whole nail a few months back. Since starting the bears, my nails have been growing a lot faster which can be annoying, but it means I am now a few mm’s away now from having a normal nail again!

Check out the HairCare Bears Website for more info.

Sal x

Haircare Bear