The Garnier Fresh-mix Tissue Masks give your skin that extra shot of power that it needs after the daily stresses that your skin encounters from dehydration, sunlight and pollution that leads to dry and dull looking skin. These masks are freshly mixed by yourself right before use and it was quote fun that you could do that.

The Hyaluronic Shot mask is to plump and smooth the skin and it was my fave of the two although I didn't find the other mask feel that much different. This mask contains a bottle of serum with hyaluronic acid to boost back some moisture in the skin resulting in smoother plump skin.

The Vit C shot mask is to energize and illuminate the skin. It contains a bottle of Vit C to brighten, correct dark circles and even out the skin tone.

The packaging has really clear instruction of how you can mix the serum and mask together with minimal mess. Once the serum and dry tissue mask is mixed, the mask becomes jelly like which is comfortable and acts like a hydration wrap.

There is a lot of serum in both masks so you do get a very wet jelly like mask to apply on to the skin which surprisingly didn't slide off. The shape to the face is not too bad but just the nose area was a little too small. The eye and mouth whole isn't too big so you did get to cover more surface area and the mask as a whole wasn't too big for my face either.

I like to leave the tissue mask on as long as possible to make the most of it and will then massage the remainder of the serum into my skin. Overall I didn't find the Vit C mask to be very brightening, however it did give me a temporary glow and the same fresh feeling as the other mask. My skin felt fresh, plumped and smooth with the Hyaluronic mask and my skin looked amazing. I personally love using hydrating masks before I do my makeup on a special occasion as it makes such a big difference on the finish. The masks didn't leave my skin feeling too sticky either. If anything with lots of massaging the product sunk in to my skin with a slight oily finish.

Thank you Garnier for gifting me these masks and making my mask time more fun!

Sal x