The Ella Bache goodies from the Discovery Set have added so much nourishment to my skincare routine. I have loved turning to these when my skin is feeling dry and needs some TLC. The discovery set includes: A Moisture Rich Cleansing Milk, Strengthening Serum & Softening Cream. My fave from the set is the cleansing milk as its gentle, lightweight and doesn’t dry out my skin. It is formulated to maintain the skin natural pH balance and moisture levels, to gently emulsify makeup and rinse away impurities and sebum. It is for dry to normal skin types but can also be used for slightly oily skin. It is a moisture rich creamy cleanser which left a lovely moisturised layer on my skin after rinsing. I didn't really use this with my makeup still on to know if it melts away all makeup, as I do like to pre cleanse before hand, so even with just one cleanse prior to use, my skin did look and feel throughly cleansed. I didn't have any dryness after rinsing allowing me a few extra minutes to get on with my skin routine with no tautness and thats the main reason I really liked this cleanser. It wasn't too heavy for my skin , I didn't get any breakouts either.

The Serum is a runny and very lightweight gel serum which is rich in marine extracts to help with the tone of the skin, inflammation, redness, it is also said to assisting in relieving dryness and flakiness to bring you clearer, calmer and hydrated skin. It has algae within the serum which has healing properties therefore making it excellent for damaged skin. I don't know how I felt about this serum. I felt it reacted differently to my skin on different occasions in the sense that sometimes it perfectly sunk into my skin or sometime I felt It left an shiny residue behind. For this reason I used it mainly in the evenings and it was soothing. I don’t get many of the issues that this serum is aimed at, so I didn't find it very beneficial other than hydrating and soothing. This serum is Ideal for Rosacea skins to reduce inflammation. The Softening Cream is very creamy so I used this as a night cream. The cream is a softening cream that is enriched with jojoba oil, coconut oil and lanolin. You only need a pea size amount which melted into the skin. It did leave my skin soft, supple and smooth the next morning but I only really used this when I felt my skin was dry and dehydrated. This cream is not recommended for those with Rosacea as the lanolin will trap heat in the skin making it more reactive, however the serum can be.

I would say that the Discovery set products are more suited for those with dry skin and certain skin concerns as listed on Ella Bache's site. As I have oily skin they didn't all work for me the best they could, but I did enjoy the cleanser and softening cream on days my skin had some dryness or needed more nourishment. The cleanser and softening cream also smelt like baby lotion to me, which I loved!

Check out more details on Ella Bache's website.

Sal x