If you havn't met the new additon to our family....Meet Cosmo! He is the most cutest member of the Malik househouse and I couldnt be happier that he is the baby of the family. You have probably seen him all over my insta with most stories consisting of him sleeping and having a lazy day lol.

We have wanted a kitten for a while, but we were not allowed pets in our old house, but as soon as we went for the inspection at our current house, we knew things would turn out just how we wanted, as we saw the current tenants had a pet! So within the 2nd week we were on the hunt for Cosmo. The Victoria RSPCA in Burwood didnt have any kittens, as it wasnt the right season, so we check out a couple of Pen Barns as they always have kittens and cats. We didnt want a new born, but a kitten at around 4- 5 months old who would be old enough to be by themselves whilst we went to work and had also already been litter trained.

Eventually on the 17th August 2018 we adopted Cosmo ( originally called Tito) when it also happened to be his 6 month birthday, so I'm glad that he had the best birthday present of two new parents to love and take care of him.

Cosmo is a Domestic Short hair - tabby and currently 8 months old. He wasnt a stray kitten, but was handed in to the RSPCA by his original carers along with his siblings in July 2018.

It's been a really big change within the house and its been amazing to have the different energy around. We are being kept busy like parents and I can't wait to get home from work or wherever to get some cuddles. Its usually me who lets him out of the laundry (where he spends the night) and to feed him. He knows he is about to get a good meal as soon as the door opens and he meows his hellos and will then follow with a slightly different meow to let me know he wants to eat.

As soon as he hears the jingle of the keys, he knows I am leaving so will come to the bedroom door and meow at me until I open it up so he can make home in the bed. He is also there when I get home, so I know he has been cosey! My Husband also told me that recently he has been waiting at the front door at around the time I get home from work. How cute!

Cosmo hasnt been too bad to adjusting to the house. He loved exploring when he first moved in and now has all his favourite hiding places, places to chill and items to scratch away at! He does sleep through out the day and gets into our bed when I go to work so is well rested when we get home to have an energetic run and play around the house until he is tired out again before bed time, when he will join me on the couch for a small snooze. He does seem to sleep the normal 20 hours so thats why most of my cute pics I post are of him enjoying his sleep some where in the house.

He isnt too keen on the vacuum cleaner, so as soon as I plug it in, he shoots away into the laundry sink or under the bed to hideaway and fall asleep. He can also be found in the wardrobe climbing his way up our clothes to the rail, I have no idea how, but im hoping he hasnt destroyed any of our clothes!

Cats are so inquisative and love to explore. Our house isnt the biggest and we dont have a lot, so its quite spacious but Cosmo still seems to find a hideout or something to keep him busy, even with the simpliest things such as a scrunched up paper ball. Recently the ants and small insects are keeping him busy . The other night I woke up to find him playing away with a thick, dark medium sized spider! ewww

He has also grown dramatically in the time we have had him, he is at 3.5kg now and I have been told by the vet he is on the chubby side and is potentially also at his adult size so we have to get him onto adult food to help take the weight off. He is a little greedy, he loves to come and smell our food and just watch us eat, sometimes he might even try and be cheeky and see if he can find something in the sink, despite him being fed well!

Cosmo has added another sence of meaning into my life and someone to fuss over and look after. I adore to him bits although he can be a naughty boy at times, he big innocent eyes will always get him forgiven!

If you want to keep up with Cosmo's adventures, head over to his instagram @Cosmo_the_cutee or make sure you are following me too at @strictlysal

Do you guys have pets?

Sal x