Maybelline Total Temptation Review

Maybelline released the Total Tempations collection a while ago which consists of a Eye/Cheek palette , mascara and eye brow pencil. I love the pink packaging on them so I bought the masacara and brow pencil and left the eye shadows out, as I barely wear it so there was no point for me.

The palette features 8 shadows and 2 highlights in a variety of shades so multiple looks can be created from romantic, neutral and smokey. You can also achieve a beautiful glow with either 2 toned highlights - one being gold and the other a irridecent cool tone.

Total Temptation Mascara

So lets start with the mascara which happens to come in two types- normal and waterproof. The pink packaged one is the normal one and the turquoise is the waterproof. I love the pink packaging and thats why I was initially tempted to purchase it and I am glad that I did. The product is buildable so you can achieve a natural lift to the lashes or layer up for a full dense look which is lasting and flake free. I prefer using a brush like this one as I find the bristles grip the lashes well, it coats my lashes better as more product is through the bristles.

Ive been using the mascara for a few months now and its just about finished and with most mascaras the formula does start to dry up, but this formula is infused with coconut extract so it isnt dry and still has a nourishing feel to it. The formula is creamy and airy, it doesnt dry wispy / crispy on the lashes, its easily buildable and can be removed effortlessly with makeup remover. All in all it was my first Maybelline mascara and I wasn't disappointed. The only minor issue I had was how lightweight the packaging is so it feels a little cheap.

Brow Definer

Adding some definition to my brows has now become a daily thing but I don't like to spend too much time on them on a work day. I need quick, easy and effient products and this was perfect. The tear drop shaped pencil is a first for Maybelline and they have done well with the formula too. The pencil is firm with good colour payout. It allows you to build up the shading of the brow to deepen to your preference with more control and the shape of the pencil allows you to get sharper lines for the brow arch and the edges. The finish isnt waxy or shiney but more of a powdery finish would doesnt look dry. You can achieve a really nice natural finish and thats why this is my go to at the moment.

My onl;y negative comment is the size of the spoolie. Its a little on the big side and being a ball shape, I found that it transferred product around the brow line when using it. If it was a little smaller it would be the perfect side.

The Brow Definer comes in three shades : Blonde, Medium Brown, Deep Brown

Thanks for reading my review. Have you tried this range? What did you think?

Sal x