Mac have celebrated thier 20th birthday of the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation which now has 50 shades in their range and is the fastest selling foundation in the world. The foundation caters to people of all skin types and tones, with the additon of the extra shades you wont be disappointed in finding a shade thats perfect for you. The foundation is a 24 hour wear and has a matte finish that is medium to full coverage.

I was really kindly invited to a recent Mac event in Melbourne to celebrate thier birthday along with other influencers were we had a Master Class with Nicole Thompson also known as Pinkiiieee & Ocea McKenzie who are both creative MUA's for MAC who had models with both oily and dry skin. We were also introduced to us some new products to STudio Fix Range. We got matched for our shade in the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation also with recommendations of the perfect products to create a fresh dewy makeup look. We then had a little class on the colour wheel and how to create our foundation shade using just 5 colours.

We left with an amazing goody bag, with a personalised bottle of the foundation, a Fix + Setting spray ( I chose the Matte one) , Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy and samples of the Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Base Primer & The Strobe Cream.

This post is to share tips that I picked up during the master class to create a long lasting dewy skin make up base, mostly for oily combinational skin, as thats what I have, but some tips will also work for dry skin.

Moisturise & Hydrate

1. The first step to the perfect base is the prepping of the skin. Moisturise your face with a trusted lotion that you love, massaging it into the skin in circulur motions as this will increase the blood circulation bringing more oxygen to the skin and to penerate your lotion in to the skin for smooth & plump looking skin. Always moisturise even if you have oily skin, the lack of can increase oiliness as a defence mechanism.

2. Spray your face with the Prep + Prime Fix + Spray. None only is this a setting spray, you can also use it to hydrate & soothe the skin. Once you have spritz, use a clean brush to tap it into the skin. The Fix + sprays have cammomile and green tea so it will plump up the skin and give it a fresh youthful look. There is many different Fix + varieties which also include the lite versions ( Goldlite and Pinklite)

3. I would then use the Prep + Prime Natural Radiance base to prime and also hydrate my skin further. There are two shades in this primer : Radiant Yellow and Radiant Pink. It controls oily and combination skin, gives long lasting hydration, smooths, softens and refines the skin and adds radiance.

If you have dry skin you can use the Strobe Cream for the same effect, however the Strobe cream has more illuminosity to it. You can use the strobe cream if you have oily skin, but avoid using it on the tzone area. The Strobe cream comes in 5 shades and will smoothen the skin, hydrate and give radiance.

These first three steps will give your skin a drink of water by moisturising, hydrating, circulate blood flow and plump the face to create the perfect base. These are the most important steps I believe to have a smooth canvas so everything else sits well on top . The Foundation is the "icing on the cake"

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

So the foundations come in 4 different undertones. The numbers on a shade represent how pale-deep the shade is & the letters represent the undertone shade. I am a NC40-NC42.

C - More Golden Olive hue with a cooler undertone

NC - Neutral with a cool golden undertone

N - Neutral balance of all undertones

NW - Neutral with a rosy warm undertone.

When it comes to matching a shade , use a shade between the neck and cheeks for a more natural match. You body will most likely be lighter than your face so dont match with the back of your hands!

1. So once the prepping products have absorbed into the skin, you can start applying your foundation. Pump some of the Studio Fix Fluid foundation onto the back of your clean hands or onto a palette and use a brush to apply it onto your face.

2. You can use a brush or a beauty blender to apply the foundation, whatever you prefer . The fluffier the brush the sheerer the coverage, so a dense brush will give you a heavier finish.

3. I like to spritz some Fix + onto my foundation before its completely blended in, to help with the application of the foundation and to lighten the finish , which also makes it easier to blend the foundation.

4. Push the foundation into the skin, in light layers. Dont just pile it on. If you want a heavier finish, build the coverage up in layers letting each layer set first. This will also help the foundation to last longer. You can also use the Fix + sprat inbetween layers. This will create a beautiful dewy smooth finish.

5. You can also use a beauty blender to push foundation into the skin, by sprizting the Fix + onto the blender.


The new Studio Fix 24 Hr Wear Concealer is also really amazing. Its similiar to the Prolong wear but the only difference is that it doesnt dry as quickly so you have a little bit longer to play around with it and blend onto the skin. There are new shades added to the range and the shadings are lighter in comparison to other MAC concealers.

I have actually been using the concealer, which I purchased, on its own with some fix + spray on days I dont want to wear foundation and it still creates an amazing dewy soft finish.

There are two undertones for the concealer:

NW - counteracts ashy purple tones

NC - counteracts redish tones (is golden warm)

To Finish Off

1. Most people might set their foundation with powder straight after applying it, so I also learnt to wait until the foundation has set and isnt wet. This will avoid a cakely heavy feel of the base. Also only set where its requires, so if you have oily skin like me, set the tzone areas or under the eye, using a smaller brush and not a big fluffy one.

2. You can do the rest of your makeup and when you come to highlight , Mac's Soft and Gentle is a favourite. I have actually been using this one forever and I love the natural but radiance glow that it givens. You can achieve a striking glow too by spraying your brush with the Fix + first and then applying.

3. Right at the end I would use some more Fix + and tap it into skin to seal everything into place. I like using the Matte Fix + which doesnt have a high alcohol content so isnt drying. It just mattifies whislt also keep the skin with its glow.

I hope all the above tips have been useful. I have found that really hydraying, prepping and actually putting that extra effort in has really helped with the overall flawless base of the foundation and is worth the time put in!

Sal x