Believe it or not I haven’t tried MAC brow and lash products before so I was super excited to have been gifted these to try out. I’ve been using them for the last few weeks now and have been enjoying the results I have got.

The first of the products is the Shape and Shade Brow Gel Tint. One side has a gel brush pen and the other side has a soft powder. I don't feel the need to use them both together as its not required but on their own they both create a different finish .

The gel pen side lets you create hair like strokes and the shade is quite sheer which helps to control the depth, which you can deepen. Create gentle strokes in the direction of your hair growth, but you don't want to create too many too close to each other as it will then become blocky and not look good. It does take a little practice and a steady hand to get the thin long strokes but once you have completed a brow it will look tidy, well-shaped, filled and natural. The tint also dries waterproof which was great when I then used the MAC Brow set as I didnt get any transfer, it lasts all day and you don’t get any fading.

The shading side of the pen, is the most easiest to use. Its a self-pressing powder on a pointed sponge tip which you can brush though your brows for the most natural quick and defined brow. The powder is pigmented but light so you can blend if into the brow to deepen your natural shade. I loved using it on days I was in a rush. You can use this after the tint side of the pen, but I personally felt this darkened my brows too much.

The Brow Set takes me back to the days of using gel mascara! The one I tried is clear, easy to use and great for a strong hold. I actually have dense hairs and they never hold in place around the middle, but the gel has a good hold and my brows are set for the rest of the day. The brow set does come in another two shades if you prefer a tinted version. It is also said to be sweat & humidity resistant. I’m just a little gutted I decided to use it with a different product and now I don’t have a crystal clear gel, so don’t mind my pics!

A great tip for the Brow set is you don’t have to just use on your brows. Its great for tidying up baby hairs around your face for a style or even your other halfs facial hair!

I like to do my eyes after my brows. Another little nifty product is the False Lashes Maximizer which I’ve been reaching for to add length and volume before using a mascara. The treatment helps to condition, prime and enhance your lashes. Not only is it nourishing it’s a lightweight formula that also adds a curl that stays. I like to apply it right from the root and all the way to the tip of my lashes to get that luscious volumised look and extra length.

The formula goes on white which dries semi clear so you can avoid any gaping white lashes after you have applied your mascara. Another tip is that you can also put this through your brows to thicken them up and go over with a coloured brow gel.

The Extended Play Mascara has a really thin petite brush that helps coat each individual lash and also prevents reaching your eye lids which is really handy as I always get a messy finish which needs to be tidied up! It’s also flake and smudge proof along with being humid resistant. I love that I’m able to get definition and length with it but it’s not very volumising on its own so I prefer using it with the lash maximiser. I’ve also found it really handy for my bottom lashes.

A waterproof carbon black formula creates claims to give you luscious lashes for up to 16 hours – which I can’t prove as the longest I would keep mascara on for is 12 and in that time I didn’t have any flaking or smudges. Another perk is you can get the mascara off with no panda eyes! Its easy to remove with some warm water due to its innovative thermal sensitive formula which is great and helpful if you can use a microfiber cloth to remove your makeup , like me you can remove it with very little effort with just water.

Just an FYI too- both mascaras and the brow set are ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers.

I really enjoyed used these products and my faves were the eyebrow products as they let me achieve a look that I liked and with some practice I really enjoyed using them. Have you used these before?

Check out the MAC website for more details and prices.

Sal x