Having good healthy looking skin is important to most of us, it brings out more confidence in an individual and also will make you feel happier. Growing up I didn’t have the best of skin, pimple after pimple, scars and uneven textures made me feel so insecure I couldn’t look at a person in their eye directly whilst conversing and hoped they didn’t notice my in perfections.

As I’ve got older , my skin has got better but isn’t perfect. I definitely feel happy and more confident in my skin, whether I’m wearing makeup or even better when I feel I don’t have to wear as much! I still have scaring, some pigmentation, the occasion pimple or left over darkness from faded spots.  

When I was given the opportunity to try LumenIX by Entity Health to help brighten, beautify and reduce uneven tone and hyper-pigmentation – I wasn’t going to say no. I use lots of skin care topically so I thought it would be interesting to try something orally and see how it would work and if it would.

LumenIX is an Australian made and developed tablet that is taken orally and absorbs into the blood stream- the power of the hero ingredient; glutathione is to reduce uneven skin tone, brighten and hyper-pigmentation to leave a visible improvement to the texture of the skin.

Glutathione reduces the level of dark melanin in the body that can lead to cloudy pigmentation on the skin in forms of sunspots, freckles and uneven tone. The tablet is made of the worlds first waferIX technology that helps faster absorption directly to the blood vessels under the tongue to make a difference faster. The tablets are a strong antioxidant and also is said to reduce radicals formed in the body.

How to take: Take 30 mins before food. Rinse the mouth ensuring that the area under the tongue is moist. Carefully remove the wafer out of the packaging. It is soft so you want to be careful. Place the wafer as far back under the tongue as you can and let it dissolve completely. for the 2nd dose use the other side. Do not suck, swallow or chew. You can take 2 wafers 1-2 times a day. For best results, start by taking 2 wafers twice a day 30 minutes before food for 3 months, thereafter continue with 2 wafers once a day 30 minutes before food, or as recommended by your physician

Warning/ Important - Do not take if pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to conceive or under 18 years of age. Consult your doctor before use or if symptoms persist.  


I confirmed with the brand before using these that it was safe to take alongside the active ingredients I used in my skincare routine and laser hair removal. I was told yes, along I was not using more than the recommended dose.

I started taking these about 2 months ago and I initially found the wafer a little difficult to use/take – Letting the wafer dissolve under the tongue without swallowing was not easy as it did foam up a little and it didn’t really have anywhere else to go. It also has a zesty medicine flavour to it. So having to take two was a struggle and I had to take them one by one – so In the end I only used 1 once a day.

I found it easier taking these in the evening when I was at home without any pressure and being able to feel comfortable as you can’t talk for a while either. Eventually I did get use them and it wasn’t so bad!

The pigmentation on my face isn’t very deep, I do have some patches around my mouth which I find is common in south Indian skin tones. Overall with use of 1 wafer a day for 2 months- I could say that my skin is glowing and a lot brighter. I wouldn’t say that my pigmentation has gone away but It isn’t as prominent as it used to be and my makeup does look better with less greyness. I  haven’t notice a big difference in the texture of my skin.

With regular use the results might be better, but I really struggled with the method of use and would much rather prefer to use something that I could just swallow.

If you are interested in giving these a go check out the Entity website for more details.

Sal x