I was really kindly gifted the L’Oréal Infallible Primer shots some months ago – 2 of which have been great for me and I have really enjoyed using.  

These are Loreal’s first collection of primers that have been created to correct and perfect the skin. The 4 different finishes are:  Mattify, smooth, luminise and neutralise. You can also the different primers to multi prime areas of the face as required, without layering if you have multiple concerns to target. The ultra-lightweight formulas glides onto skin to smoothen and has a hydrating formula that lets the skin breath. The primers all have a light fluid consistently, so one pump was enough , or too much if you wanted to use the different primers  so using clean finger tips to apply in a circular motion is the best way to use them. Out of the 4 primers - the Mattifying and Pore Refining were the best suited for me, so I will review them below and also give you some info on the other two.


The Mattifying Primer Is said to prep your skin while absorbing excess sebum and oil for an instantly flawless and matte complexion. I have a love hate relationship with this primer. Its the best suited for my oily skin, but I had different results with it on different days.  I didnt find that the primer mattified my skin, as it has a creamy texture and finish - which was actually hydrating. I wasnt that confident at first with the finish to minimise my oiliness, but to my suprised on some days I wouldnt be too shiny and some days I would just look it mess. It defo worked better on days I wore very minimal makeup up with no foundation. But it didnt completely eliminate any shine/oils. 

Pore Refining

The Pore Refining Primer is said to transform your skin in an instance by correcting, perfecting and helping to lock in makeup. It should also blue pores, hide imperfections and also mattify skin.

The texture of this primer was not like one I have seen before, it is a mix of a pink creamy texture within a liquid. But once I use my fingers to spread onto my face , the primer mixes and texture becomes like a light mousse as it mixes and thickens . I found it smoothened out the texture of my skin and minimised the appearance of my pores They didn’t completely disappear but they looked better than before! However It didn’t hide any of my small scars/ imperfections as it is a soft texture with no pigments.

The formula leaves the skin a dewy matte, which I really liked and it made my skin look clearer – so I enjoyed using the primer alone on no makeup days when I had to pop out the house, or with just concealer for cover ups on work day. As its not heavy finish, my face didn’t feel caked on with makeup – which has has been perfect for thecurrent weather. I also found that skin didnt get as greasy which is a bonus.


The  Luminising Primer is said to prep your skin for makeup while boosting your complexion, finishing your makeup look with a radiant, super glowy result. I also already have oily skin, so during the summer any additional luminosity isn’t the best option for me. I still do powder highlight which I have more control over. The formula I found was a little on the oily side but the shimmers through it gave a lovely glow. I think this product would work better for me in the winter when its not so humid - the shimmers and texture as well as any makeup during the summer just didn’t look too great on me.   This primer might actually work better on those with dryer skin - as it will nourish and give the skin a glow. 

Anti Redness 

The  Anti Redness Primer is said to prep skin for makeup while correcting redness and discolouration for a flawless complexion with the green pigments by colour-correcting actions on red tones and blemishes.  I don’t get any redness on my face so this wasn’t one I was able to try and review.

I hope my review was helpful. My fave of the bunch is the Pore Refining - as Its a 2 in one for smoothening texture and mattifying and the finished just made my skin look flawless!

Sal x