Lipstick adds colour to my face and depending on my mood I love wearing a variety of colours, but it’s with a red I feel the most confident. However with a red lip  I need more time to perfect the application and I get restricted with what I can eat to avoid it smudging over the perfected line I took forever to achieve.

I was introduced to the Lipsense Lipsticks and kindly gifted the shade ‘Fly Girl’ to try out. The way that these differ from a normal lipstick is that you first apply the colour pigment to the lips in layers and then seal the moisture free colour with a gloss that soaks through the permeable colour to also hydrate and nourish the lips. The lip colours will become smudge and budgeproof throughout the day, even if you rub over fingers over them! The lipsense set also comes with a remover which is a nourishing oil that helps to loosen away the pigment to gently remove.

There is a large range of over 50 shades in the pigments that come in matte, shimmer or frost formulas along with a range of sealing glosses finishes- Glossy, Matte, Shimmer or frost. The lip products are also cruelty free, lead free, gluten free and wax free!

This was the first time I used a lip product like this, but was surprised that I was able to get the application perfect on the first round.

I had to make sure my lips were clean and dry ( no lip balm) and I also made sure I had exfoliated my lips. Typically I apply my lip products after the rest of my makeup so I used some micellar water to remove any foundation/ creams residue from my lips. This allows the colour pigment to adhere to the lips properly.

To start off , I lined my lips with a similar colour lip liner to use as a guide. To apply the coloured  pigment you have to keep your lips parted and place the applicator on the outter corner of the lip and spread the colour in a sweeping motion to the opposite corner without lifting the applicator and definitely not moving the applicator backwards. Apply both top and bottom lips this way. At first the layers will be sheer but its built up by repeating the above steps at least three times, after each layer has dried ( for about 5 seconds)  to get a good colour payoff.

The colour pigment is light but sticky so I had to ensure I  applied it in 1 sweeping motion.  I found using the long end of the applicator better for the bottom lip as it covered more surface area and the pointy end better for the top lip.  Remember to keep your lips parted to avoid the transfer of pigments for a even finish, until you have applied the gloss.

Once I had applied the desired layers of the pigment, I was ready to seal the colour with a gloss. This will seal the colour as well as moisturise the lips. I had to make sure I coated the pigment well to stop the tackiness of the pigment transfering , which I found to happen more at the crease where the top and bottom lip met.  

I had originally used a matte gloss when I used the Lipsense but I came to learn that I have to use the glossy one first which would eventually mattify and it gave a better long lasting finish. However you won’t get a full matte finish even with the matte gloss as it does have a sheen to it. The glossy finish was actually amazing, Its not sticky but very moisturising and makes the lips look and feel so lush. I don’t like doing gloss normally as I find it messy and sticky but this was far from it.  Over the day the shine on the gloss does die down, but you can top it up if you prefer without it effecting the pigment.

Its a none transfer and also budge proof lipstick. I haven’t got any colour transfers onto glass rims, coffee cups or it coming off when eating messy foods. The only thing that does transfer a little is the actual translucent gloss.  I enjoyed the Lipsense in Fly Girl so much that I’m going to get myself a pinky shade for the everyday neutral makeup look.

I have a little demonstration on my Instagram on how I apply it and where I also tested the smudge/ budge proof aspect. If you want to see how it works, find the demo in the Lipsense highlight folder on my Instagram.  

If you are interested in the Lipsense , check out @lipsipsmilerepeat on Instagram for some more details and prices.

Sal x