These organic natural hair products have been amazing to my hair. Its my first time using natural products aimed for hair and I'm glad I was given the chance as they are so different to the more commercial brands out there.

Less is More has been jointly developed by Dr. Doris Brandhuber and Hannes Trummer to combine functionality and simplicity, beauty and health, ethics and aesthetics.These four products all use 97% + natural origin derived ingredients & 30-90% + of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

The shampoo and conditioner duo are from the Cajeput Pure Balance selection and they are gentle, relaxing and de-stressing to the scalp. They are also sulphate free. The shampoo was very cleansing and although it doesn't foam up on the first wash I was still able to feel the cleanse without it stripping away all my natural oils. The conditioner is also light in texture but hydrating. The reason I enjoyed using this duo is because my hair didn't go limp by the next day and still felt refreshed by day 2. It didn't coat my hair with unnecessary products to give me a gloss and shine which always weighs down my hair. With it being summer I wash my hair more often so with the right balance these will be great without drying out my hair.

After washing my hair I liked using the Herbal Tonic, especially on a hot day. Its a leave in scalp treatment that is refreshing, soothing & great for problems such as dryness/ irritation, dandruff and greasy hair. I can suffer from them all and shampoos/ products that are anti-dandruff are too heavy and conditioning which leaves a greasy feel to my hair, so this was a life savour. I havn't actually felt an itch or had dryness for a while now, so I know its working!

The last product is also fab. The Angelroot Volume spray is a liquid volumiser which is heat activated and great for styling. I use it before I dry my hair with a dryer by spraying it onto the roots in sections and then letting my hairdryer do the rest. It gives volume, texture, hold and also moisturises. It literally gives me everything I need for a messy textured look. It doesn't leave a sticky finish at the roots and it feels like what a texturiser powder would feel like, but its much easier to apply and less sticky. This did make my hair greasy quicker than If I hadn't used it, so its not something I would use all the time. This would be perfect if you had to style your hair

I wasn't sure how I would go with these, but I really enjoyed them. I should have just written a blog post on these as there are so many amazing properties to each ingredient used in each product that I would have loved to share with you all, but if you do want to know more about these products check out Ziani Beauty 's site for more details.

Sal x