Supporters for natural and greener living, KIND-LY have created an armpit mask to detox the underarms from harmful pore clogging toxins and chemicals and to assist the body to transition to a natural deodorant. This isn’t a product I would even think existed or thought about using, but I was kindly ( no pun intended!) sent the mask to try out and I wanted to give it a go to see/ feel the benefits of using it.

The mask is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, is vegan friendly, cruelty free and Australian made. The mask is formulated with activated charcoal ( draws out toxins) , Australian bentonite clay (to detoxify) , colloidal silver (antibacterial) and naturally fragranced with lemongrass and ginger essential oils for a gender neutral scent.

The mask is said to:

  • Draw out nasty underarm impurities

  • Clear the skin while balancing pH levels and

  • Reduce body odour during the detoxification period.

  • Is Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral

  • Eliminates unwanted bacterial strains and microbes that sit on the skin

  • Nourish the underarm with essential vitamins and minerals.

The mask is designed to be used daily for 7-14 days – and then as a weekly maintenance treatment. Aluminium based deodorants and Antiperspirants are pore clogging and after year of using them, my pores must be blocked! Do you know the difference between the two? Deodorants are used to kill odour causing bacteria, while antiperspirants control odour by stopping the glands from producing sweat. But both will have a range of ingredients such as Aluminium, parabens and synthetic fragrances.

When transitioning to a natural deodorant , your body needs to remember how to naturally correct bacterial imbalances on its own and this can take time. The detox can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on each individual – but its important to remember that whilst your body is transitioning, it is trying to clear toxins that have been trapped in your armpits! It is normal to encounter excess sweating, increased body odour, temporary redness and bumpy skin during the course of the detox, so not to feel that the products are not working yet. It is also advised that during the detox, to go natural and to use a natural deodorant.

There are some tips to help get through the detox period.

  • Drink lots of water. This will help flush out the toxin and keep the body hydrated,

  • Let your armpits breath. Wear lightweight breathable fabrics.

  • Certain foods can change your body odour. A vegetarian diet can neutralise your body odour. Onion and garlic are a strong odour culprit!

  • Dry off properly after showering. Bacteria love warm moist environments.

  • Don’t be afraid to sweat your body out with exercise or even a sauna. This can speed up the detox period.


The mask is thick but creamy and smooth, so easy to apply a thin layer under the arm. Leave it on for about 10-15 mins until the mask drys and rinse off in the shower with warm soapy water. Luckily the mask dried pretty quickly so I wasn’t left walking around like a zombie for too long! I rinsed off whilst showering and it was as easy as that! However I wasn’t able to use it every day for 1-2 weeks ( instructed every day for up to 7-14days) – but I did every other day.

As much as I hate to admit this, within the day I did notice that I didn’t smell very nice, which was a little embarrassing so I’m glad I started using this on a Friday so I had the weekend at home ( lol) . This is defo due to the nasties being extracted and its normal during the detox to experience this. I didn’t sweat excessively which was helpful and with regular use and showers, I did find within the week I started to smell better. The mask left my underarms conditioned and I felt a lot fresher during the day. Its been a few weeks now and I’m mostly just using the mask once a week now as a weekly detox along with a Natural Deodorant and to be honest I think its working great.

Growing up my mum was always weary of us using deodorants and intoxication our bodies- she had a point. Nowadays there are so many natural options available for us to safely and effectively take care of our bodies and stay hygienic. I would really recommend the mask – even though you have to get through the worst of It to achieve the results!

The Armpit Detox retails for $24.95RRP (100g) and serves as pre use item to KIND-LY’s innovative range of probiotic roll-on natural deodorants.

Sal x