JJ YOUNG by Caolion Lab

So this is the first time I have used Korean Beauty products in my regime , thanks to Style Story AU. I was really kindly gifted these fab products from Korea's original beauty phenomenon- Caolion Cosmetics. The JJ Young collection products are designed to treat the root of many skin care problems- the pores.

The products from the range avoid harsh chemicals and source the purest ingredients from around the world which include Menthol, Kaolin, Volcanic Ash and Charcoal powder to treat pores by eliminating impurities and excess oils. All products are made cruelty free, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating and formulated with chemical preservatives, parabens and alcohol.

Being an oily skin gal and also having some pores on the larger side these were perfect for me and would also be great for those with acne prone skin. All the products were very gentle on the skin and were not heavily fragranced, nor did they leave my skin feeling dry.

I started my skin care routine with the Black Cleansing Stick . It is like a soap bar but in a tube which you can use without a slippery mess. The pH balancing (it has a pH of 5.6) and exfoliating stick is ideal for oily and combination skin and works to remove blackheads and impurities within the pores without causing any irritation. The key ingredients are charcoal powder & volcanic ash. Charcoal is already known to extract and attract dirt and impurities which works with volcanic ash as it acts as a suction to vacuum out the impurities from the pores. The stick is a off light brown colour and super creamy in a soapy way. There is not really any fragrance to it, which I didn't mind and I actually found it really helpful to be in this tube packaging. I literally used the tube to get the product all over my face then would go in with my fingers to massage. The product doesn't form many suds and went it came to washing, a lot of water and effort was needed so a flannel/ Face Halo is probably the easiest way to remove it. At the end of the wash my skin certainly felt fresher and cleaner without any dryness. Usually when you use soap bar style products some can be drying as its strips away all your natural oils, but this cleansing stick was far from that. Ive been using this mostly in the mornings as its a great cleanse for the start of the day whilst I use would the next product I am going to tell you about, in the evenings.

Every 2-3 days I would incorporate the Pore Erasing Stick into the routine, either on its own ( mostly in the evenings) or after the black cleansing stick. It is again like a soap bar in a stick which is to help remove excess sebum, whiteheads and blackheads from the tzone area. It is made with a mix of rice and oat flour, charcoal, cacao, tea tree , lavender and ecalyptus. The product was not what I expected- I thought It was a stick to apply after cleansing however the best description I can give it is an exfoliating stick. Within the deep black soap like stick are exfoliating crystals which you spot rub on the T-Zone. The crystal like rocks in the stick are concentrated and I do suggest that you are gentle on the skin as it can be a little harsh. I found the design of the product to be a really handy way to exfoliate the areas that needed it. Again even with the strong in fragrance ingredients, It wasn't heavy in smell. I would also massage the soapy product on my skin with my fingers to melt away/ extract impurities and as it has such amazing key ingredients I was confident to use it on its own without the cleansing stick before hand. It also took a little effort to wash off but my skin did feel smoother and look cleaner. Although my pores were not erased they looked less noticeable as my skin over time was clearer. ​

Below are the properties for the key ingredient that I found on Style Story website

- Oat Flour and Rice Flour exfoliate and remove keratin without irritation.

- Olive Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Coconut Oil dissolve sebum naturally.

- Charcoal and Cacao eliminate impurities, sebum, blackheads and whiteheads.

- Tea Tree, Lavender and Eucalyptus extracts calm and soothe skin.

With both stick products its important to ensure they are rinsed after each use to get rid of any impurities.

I like to use a facemask after I have cleansed and exfoliated my skin so the benefits of the masks have a better chance of actually working. The Pore Charcoal Mud Sheet Mask is not like your regular mask and nothing like I have ever used before! Its a unique 3D mask that is meant to firmly fit your face and once it dries, you peel it off to remove excess oils/ impurities that have been vacuumed out your skin with it. It is also to rehydrate to the skin , making it firmer and also improve the elasticity.

The Mask comes in two parts- one for the lower and the other for the upper parts of the face. It is a tissue mask covered in mud clay made out of key ingredients such as Volcanic Ash, Bentonite clay, charcoal, kaolin and Taean Mud. I will list their properties below. The masks have a really sturdy white layer and a light layer covering in, so you start by removing the light layer and attach that side of the mask to the face. The white layer on the other side helps apply the mask much easier as it keeps it flat. It was a little messy and as you do with other tissue mask, the clay went all over my fingers. Once removed you can apply the bottom half of the mask in the same manner by over lapping them. The main packaging of the mask doesn't mention the white sturdy layer so I just applied how I felt best and the above steps worked for me. As the mud mask is thick , the whole thing fits the contours of the face without slipping. I left it on for nearly an hour before it fully dried and it was a little un-comfy as I couldn't really move my face or talk. It felt like having your face plastered as it really hardens up. The inner parts of the mask also took much longer to dry than the outer sides but once it was I literally peeled from the side which felts like a hardened nose strip!

My skin felt a lot firmer and fresher once I rinsed my face to wash about extra residue. I also felt that the mask took away any dry skin when I peeled it off. Its different to other clay masks in the way that its applied and I like the uniqueness of it especially because it was on my skin for much longer and you can have a mush thicker layer.

Below are the properties for the key ingredient in the mask, from the Style Story website

- Volcanic Ash holds exceptional absorption power, absorbing impurities, sebum, keratin and dust.

- Bentonite is a clay-like ingredient that works to absorb oil and other impurities from the skin.

- Betaine prevents the loss of moisture and leaves the skin hydrated.

- Kaolin controls sebum and reinforces firmness.

- Charcoal purifies pores and controls sebum on face

- Taean mud contains natural minerals and is well known for its effectiveness for moisturising the skin and removing impurities and micro dust.

Lastly I would apply the Perfecting Multicream . This is a 3 in 1 cream- Essence, Toner and Moisturiser. The packaging for this is different to the others, being white and Pink. Its a really lightweight product of a creamy gel consistency with small multicoloured beads of products through it and has a marine like smell to it. It also contains amino acids complexes to promote the skins elasticity. Its a really calming product and is great to use after the mask to soothe the skin. I felt it was more like a serum than a moisturiser so sometimes I would use it as that. Summer is coming soon so this would be great to keep in the fridge and use after a long day out in the sun to calm any over exposed skin. I actually preferred using this in the mornings as it would boost the hydration on my skin and also give it a firmer finish. As its not too creamy it worked well with my oily skin and my makeup felt and looked better. I didn't find it very nourishing to use at night as my skin still needed more hydration and something more creamier.

So this was a great way to start my KBeauty journey and I've really noticed how simple the products are with mostly natural based ingredients. I cant wait to browse Style Story AU's shop to see what else I can incorporate into my routine.

Are you a KBeauty Virgin like me?

Sal x