So another year has come and gone and although I cant say I really successfully completed all my new years resolutions I set myself this time last year, its been an amazing year!

This post isn't going to be about a new set of resolutions, because Ive learnt that making a list is too stressful to tick off and the things you add to the list is usually things that will appear most years! This post will be able things I am grateful for and a summary of my 2018. I do have things I am looking forward to this year but I will to take a day as it come and not plan too far ahead.

So in 2018 I turned 30 and came to realise that I am now a real adult with responsibilities that is far more than making sure your phone bill is paid. It has been really difficult with managing a house, for some reason a lot more than the first year of my marriage/ living on our own. I am grateful for my husband for seeing how much I do other than work full time and run my blog. He is so supportive and does a lot work with me which makes it that much easier on me. Being a perfectionist I need things done a certain way so the house runs the way I want it and I cant settle with a crappy job. We also moved into a bigger house this year , so you can see where Im going with that, there is more work to do! Turning 30 also makes you start worrying about buying your own place, but will leave that worry for another day!

Cosmo also came into our life. He is like the baby of the house who is a cheeky little bugger, he has so many cute things about him but you will find him sleeping most the day in the weirdest positions! He is so adorable even though he makes me so mad sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way. He is actually turning 1 years old in Feb too! I am grateful to have a little fur baby to take care off and give my love to.

My sisters came to Melbourne mid last year which was amazing. I hadn't not seem them in nearly a year and they came to celebrate our Melbourne Wedding reception which was so last min, but they made sure they were here. It was really nice having them stay with us for 2 weeks so I was able to show them all the tourist spots in Melbourne and we also discovered Sydney together. The is no bond like the one you have with your sisters and I miss them everyday. Even though we don't get to speak as much as I would like with the huge time difference, I am grateful that they always make me feel like Im still there with them with the endless whats app messages in our family group!

I was also really lucky to have worked with some amazing brands this year for my blog/instagram on some fun campaigns. I don't have a huge following but its great to see brands big or small still work with influencers whatever their following is. My favourite collab of the year has to be with MAC as its a long standing favourite brand of mine and I have been using them ever since I could afford to! It was also really great to work with newer brands and discovering lots of new favourites. I am forever grateful for all the opportunities.

Moving to a country where you literally have no friends, another thing I am grateful for is all the amazing beautiful ladies I have met in the last two years I have been in Melbourne. Being able to talk to someone who isn't your husband or family is so refreshing and I mean that in the least negative way. They already have their own lives and friends, so making friends of my own has the been the most important but challenging thing for me this year.

I am forever grateful for my Husband. He is darling and keeps me sane. He has to put up with my tantrums, he has to put up with my annoying dumb questions & he has to put up with my constant bickering, but despite those he is forever supportive of my choices and dreams.

So what does 2019 have in store for me!?

I am most excited to go to London in June and spend time with my family and friends. The last time I went back I was only there for 10 days and the time just flew by. I am hoping that I can plan the dates to tie in with Eid too. It would be much fun to spend Eid with my family and cousins again but also have my husband be part of the celebrations. That would be so exciting!

The Spice Girls also have their reunion tour in June and that is the main reason I am going back to London in June and I cant wait! It will be my sisters birthday on the day of the concert so It's my gift to her and my bestie will also be with us so I am really looking forward to being with my favourite people.

I am also celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary in a few weeks. Its still so surreal that we have been married for two years and that I actually get to see my husband every day. After two years we still get classified as the newly weds, so I'm really hoping that label fizzles out this year!

I didn't travel anywhere in the last year, other than Sydney, so this year I would love to fit some short trips in around my London trip. I want to travel more of Australia even some of Asia so fingers crossed. A holiday gives you a break from the norm and that was definitely missing and much needed this year.

After 3 years of blogging, I'm not really where I would like to be so Im planning on changing up my social a bit. This will give me more of a challenge and bring back some passion, rather than just pushing out posts everyday. Ive purchased some books to help inspire me and decide what route I want to take. It also really doesn't help that when I am out/ or during my weekends, I would prefer to embrace the moments instead of taking pictures constantly!

Other than that I just want to enjoy my year with no pressure of what I have to achieve and just enjoy the moments! I hope you all have a fabulous start to the year :-)

Sal x