function ~ of saleha

Function of ~ Saleha

I'm not usually one to get excited over shampoo as my hair care is fairly basic and I dont really do much or use a variety of products. But I saw this brand on my instagram and was mesmerised by the colourful bottles and I thought to myself "I want a pink one!"

So I hopped onto Function ~ of Beauty's website to have more of a read about their product. The website is really pretty too, its made up of pastel colours which made it more of a great experience! So a little bit about the brand. They are a New York based brand where they make custom made Shampoos and Conditioners for their customers tailored to their hair type and what they would like the product to achieve. Each bottle is uniquely developed and formulated for you and to celebrate your individuality they also add your name to the bottle, which is a very nice touch.

The product is sulphate free, free from paraben, toxin free , cruelty free and they also offer free shipping if you have a subscription style order. As I wanted to give the product a go I placed a one off order from the US at only $5 shipping.

When you get the site, you are first asked to complete a questionnaire to help put together your formula. You are asked:

1. About your Hair type, Structure & Scalp Moisture

2. Your 5 Hair Goals

3. Colour product you would like, Fragrance, Strength of fragrance & your name

I chose:

1. Wavy, Coarse & Normal

2. Replenish Hair, Strengthen, Hydrate & Oil Control

3. Pink, Peony tail, medium & Saleha ( My whole name!)

You then were able to choose the size of the products and they come in either 236ml or 473ml and range from $59AUD - $79AUD as either a shampoo/ conditioner set or individually. I got the personalised set of Shampoo and Conditioner both 236ml at $59AUD . Then I went onto pay and add my shipping address and was told It would be with me in about 2 weeks.

The product is available in the US, Canada, Great Britain and now Australia.

Function of ~ Saleha


My products came when I was told to expect them so that was a good sign with an international shipment. The products came in a mint coloured box with a personalised card telling you your profile also with some directions on how to best use the product and some fun playful stickers..

The packaging of the shampoo & conditioner bottles were really cute in person with my name on the bottle. The bottles also came with screw on pumps to make it easier to get the product out , so that's a big thumbs up from me. The product doesn't fill the whole bottle, but you are informed in the directions that this is like this to allow space for pressure and the pump to be inserted.

The shampoo is quite runny and not too thick, so it made it easier to lather up on the hair. The direction of use advises you to lather it up in your hands first then apply it to the hair, which I did and it was amazing. Usually when I add shampoo directly to my scalp I find it difficult to massage to the rest of my hair. I only needed 2 pump, some water to loosen the shampoo then rubbed the product together whilst I poured it onto my scalp and hair at the same time. I didn't want to waste any product so I did it that way so it all when into my hair. It lathered into my hair really well with little effort and was actually a really lovely experience especially with the smell of the shampoo being really nice. The shampoo washed away fine and my hair felt squeaky clean

The conditioner is also light and not too creamy, so it combed into the ends of my hair well, which I left on for 2-5 mins and as it wasn't thick and heavy, it washed off easily with little effort but at the same time left my hair feeling nourished.

I don't remember what strength I selected for the Peony Tail fragrance, but the fragrance is amazing on the shampoo/conditioner and is very prominent and smells amazing whilst in the shower and the steam from the bathroom lingers out when your done! My hair smells amazing and I could smell it on my self too which I don't usually get with other shampoos and it lasted a good few days. Its a fresh, sweet but yummy fragrance.

I tested the products out by letting my hair dry naturally and without using my hair oils. Usually my hair is straw like If I don't add any oils, but my hair felt amazingly soft, light and easy to manage. With some products I feel like it weighs down my hair but my hair was light and actually didn't feel too thick either. It was easy to straighten too as my natural waves was manageable. I could have actually got away with not straightening my hair at all.

I didn't find that my hair lasted fresh or oil free for any longer than other shampoos that I have used, but I certainly didn't have limp hair the next day as I do with shampoos that coat my hair. I wash my hair about 2-3 times a few and this was really gentle and didn't feel harsh or drying.

Would I re buy some more of these..YES..they are pretty and come in a whole range of colours & fragrances . I loved the experience of using these as it was easy to wash away, gave my hair great texture , lightness and long lasting fragrance. It also adds some lux in my life. and would also be the perfect gifts for your gal pals and family.

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Thanks for reading my review.

Sal x