Fourth Ray Beauty started up with a team of beauty enthusiasts who uncovered that flawless makeup starts at healthy clear skin. No matter how much makeup and cover-up one does , it may actually look worse- so Fourth Ray beauty begun to help ‘us’ build a flawless healthy canvas to confidently create our makeup looks on.  

I know exactly where the brand is coming from and I always find that my makeup not only looks better but sits better on fresh, hydrated soft skin.

The brand is dermatologist tested, safe for all skin types, cruelty and vegan free, paraben free and gluten free.

The purchase of these goodies are definitely from insta envy. I saw so many people with them on their Instagram and I wanted to get in on the action too. So I went on to Fourth Ray Beauty’s website and check out what products they offered and it was amazing with the ingredients used and the thought gone into each product. Fourth Ray Beauty is also stocked on the Colourpop Website ( where I bought these from) and as they are both Americans brands – I took advantage of the free worldwide shipping that Colourpop had at the time. The brand do sell the products as part of bundles which works out a little better on price.

I adore the packaging of the products and as you can see they are mostly my fave colours- Pink, Black and White! Another reason these were perfect for me :-p The packaging also have symbols on each product to suggests the best way to use the product,  what type of product it is and the main properties.

So lets start with the item I have used the most- Cloud Bank Milky Cleaner. This is meant to be a hydrating cleanser which can be used both AM and PM. This was my least favourite item to begin as it wasn’t exactly what I expected - but is now the most used of the lot! I have been enjoying it as it cleanses really well and also loosens any make up without stripping my skin and keeping it soft and nourished. It is a milky creamy but slightly gloppy texture. I purchased this as I thought it was be completely creamy to help with the dryer days but regardless I’ve grown to love it.

This cleanser has Rose Water, Argan Milk, Alpine Rose and Jojoba Protein. These ingredients are formulated to protect, condition and restore the skins moisture.

The next most used cleanser is the BFD Cleansing Oil . This is formulated to loosen and lift away traces of makeup, dirt and pollution to give you healthy and clean skin. It should clean your skin without stripping away your natural oils and keep your skin feeling nourished. Having combo skin, I’m not afraid to use oil based products as I feel it maintains a balance for my skin. This cleanser isn’t thick and feels light when massaging onto the skin. If I want to use it to remove a majority of makeup at the same time, I would use a towel or my face halo to wipe off and then do a double cleanse with it again. Otherwise I rinse off with warm water and as it emulsifies its easy to rinse away. I like that it keeps my skin feeling moisturised and I usually reach for this when I feel my skin is dry.

The oil cleanser contains Camellia which is a rich source of antioxidants and Omega -6 fatty acid. This is skin enhancing and moisturising. Juniper Berry promotes a clearer complexion and the Meadow Foam Seed oil is known for its ability to breakdown impurities. This cleanser is designed to be used in the evening.

The AM to the PM Gel Cleanser is a gentle everyday cleanser that is designed to be used as and when you would like. Its developed to effectively dissolve and wash away dirt and makeup without drying out the skin and maintaining the skins natural balance. I preferred using this cleanser when my skin is feeling naturally oily and I require a fresher cleanse rather than an oily / creamy cleansed. I used this a lot when it was warmer or on days where I haven’t worn any makeup as its gave a gentle cleanse without drying out my skin and was a great simple wash. I didn’t however notice any reduction in pore size!

This cleanser contains Lychee, Hawaiin Ginger, Lotus and Jojoba Protein  making the cleanser high in antioxidants, conditioning and moisturizing, promotes clear skin and the ginger will help reduce the appearance of large pores.

The Good Mood Gel Moisturizer is my favourite smelling of the FR products that I bought. It smells delicious and reminds me of my childhood fave watermelon candies. It is an n oil-free, gel moisturizer that gives the skin a boost of hydration. I’ve incorporated it into my AM routine as its light and makes my skin feel refreshed and dewy. I wouldn’t recommended this on its own if you have very dry skin as its more hydrating than nourishing, but can be used as a serum instead do get your boost of moisture. My only negative is that it does leave a sheen on my skin once its settled – but not the dewy fresh kind. But that doesn’t matter to me as I would always use an SPF /makeup on top, so it does  fade away.

The moisturiser is formualted with a combination of Watermelon Seed, Rose Water, Hyaluronic Acid, and Marshmallow Extract. Combined it will hydrate,  soften, retain moisture and ease dryness. As you know Hyaluronic Acid deeply quenches the skin thirst by attracting and binding water within the skin surface to hydrate. This moisturiser is designed to be used in the morning & evening to hydrate and refresh.

Last but not least I wanted to try the Rose Face Milk as I don’t have a product like this. I used this in place of a serum for a little extra nourishment as well as hydration. I really liked this face milk as its silky smooth and feels like a lightweight lotion. Its nourishing and left my skin nearly moisturizes enough that I didn’t always feel the need for anything else. It is soothing and calming on the skin and although I used this more in the evening before a cream, I also use it in the AM if I have dryer skin before a oil free moisturizer or even just on its own before SPF if my skin is feeling good. It leaves a dewy finish on the skin which made makeup application really easy.

It is formulated with Argan Milk, Rose Milk, Oat and Chamomile. Combined it will rejuvenate, soothe, hydrate. The oak milk is known to have antioxidant properties and the Chamomile is known to elimate free radicals.

Overall these are a great bunch of goodies especially for the price range. I have enjoyed using a few of the products more than the others (Cloud Bank Cleanser and Rose Face Milk) but over all I would recommend them all. All the products except the Good Mood, would be suitable for all skin types. Although all the products have lots of natural ingredients,  I didn’t think the products other than the Good Mood Moisturiser smelt strongly of any of their particular ingredients which I don’t mind too much about , as it just means there are less added fragrances which are not always kind for the skin.

The products are sold in US dollars so look affordable as first so you do need to bear in mind the conversion which is still ok (in AUD).

Have you tried anything from the Fourth Ray Beauty range? If yes what would you recommend? 

Sal x