Your make up removing routine just got a lot easier. I’ve been using the FaceHalo for about a year now and its probably the easiest way to take off my makeup with just water and a microfiber cloth. I have reviewed the Original FaceHalo before, so this post will be a summary and a quick comparison between the original and the pro version.

The FaceHalo’s are non-toxic, reusable and recyclable in the form of a soft fluffy pad. The Original is white and the Pro is black and you literally need just water to remove ALL your makeup.

A little more about the FaceHalo

- It is 9.5cm in diameter, so lots of surface area to remove your makeup

- The fibre are 100 times finer than human hair to remove and trap makeup

- Environmentally friendly as it replaces up to 500 single-use makeup remover wipes

- Each Face Halo can be washed around 200 times

- No Mess or dripping when removing makeup

- The soft satin edges of the Face Halo, gives it a glam look.

How to use

The FaceHalo works with either hot or cold water, as it loosens the makeup and lets the HaloTech fibres strands reach deep into the pores to remove and trap makeup. You don’t need to rub or scrub the face, but simply wipe . The HaloTech holds onto makeup without spreading it back on the face so you can achieve effective cleaning.

I do majority of my makeup removal with one side of the FaceHalo and then use the other side to do a final clean just to ensure every bit of makeup has been removed. Sometimes I may have to rehydrate the FaceHalo especially when it comes to removing mascara or long stay liquid Lipsticks.

After use I do a quick hand wash with some none toxic soap so its sparkling clean again and ready for the next day. It helps to wash it straight away to avoid staining of the white ones. The website recommends not washing the FaceHalo with Fabric Softener as it can reduce the effectiveness of the fibres, so I just hand wash them.

I also enjoy using the Face Halo with some micellar water instead of normal water and also love using them to remove face masks or cleansers – means I waste less water in trying to wash the products off.

Comparison of the Original and Pro

They both work the same but I did find they have some pros and cons, so I have details them below.


  • You can see the makeup come off and can tell when its clean when washing

  • Flexible and can bend easily to make eye makeup removal simple

  • Fibres seems longer and better to remove face mask

  • Gets dirty and doesn’t look very nice.

  • Can be stained with liquid lipsticks / mascaras

  • May want to replace these ones more often just because of the way it looks


  • Feels like soft velour

  • Doesn’t look dirty after several uses as its black

  • Easier to wash with the shorter fibres

  • Can’t tell how dirty is may be

  • Didn’t find it as easy to bend as the original

Honestly they both work just as great as each other and they have the smallest differences, other than the colour. From the two I think I prefer the Original as I find the fibres have more friction, also aids exfoliation better and I can use it for more than just removing my makeup. I prefer the way it removes face mask espcially the ones that dry up hard.

A pack of 3 ( original and pro ) is $30 at Priceline and the FaceHalo site where if you subscribe you can get 10% off and also has free shipping in Australia!

The brand also recently launched the FaceHalo Body which is a big dual sided cloth for the body and can be used wet or dry to exfoliate, smoothen and revitalise the skin.

If you haven’t tried these I would definitely recommend them! My makeup is always removed with no residues being picked up when I tone – So I know its doing a fab job as it keeping my skin clean and fresh. Its quick, easy and effective . They are environmentally friendly and great for travelling with.

Sal x