Easter Long Weekend

Hi lovelies, I hope you all had a fabulous long Easter weekend. This was a much deserved break for me- As I haven't taken any leave from work for a while and most weekends are jammed pack with general life just rushing to get everything done - so having some extra days as well as Anzac Day Public Holiday has been a real treat. It feels like it was ages ago already but it was only last weekend!

Instagram and Stories is usually just of what I want you to see, the same with everyone else. My life isn't really just about going out for brunches, shopping and spending it friends - thats just the things I need in a weekend to get away from all the others things that need to be done - but the long weekend was exactly that and It was so refreshing! So I thought I'd share with you my Easter weekend as It was very chilled, relaxed and fun knowing I had enough time to get lots done.

Good Friday

Getting together with the family for the whole day isnt easy- but we decided to go and enjoy the last of the beautiful weather with a Picnic. We originally wanted to go to the Nicholas Memorial Gardens in Sherbrooke but the whole street was pack with cars and we couldnt find a spot, so ended up going to The Silvan Reservoir instead. The Autumn leaves are really coming through and it was so beautiful. Food wise we had some delicious burgers, dips and sweet snacks and only really wished we brought some hot drinks as we had a really bad overpriced coffee on the way home!

The day didn't end there, after getting home and fitting some rest in we were off to the other side of Melbourne for a friends surprise birthday party which was a fun way to end the day.

Easter Saturday

The day started with a fab duo from Fantastic Services AU* who came to clean my house. Cleaning is the only one chore that takes forever which my husband and I do together and by the end of it we are knackered. Having professionals come and clean the house was amazing as that meant I was able to get on with some other things around the house, do some blog work and not have to worry that I still had cleaning to do. I have a two bed/ 2 bathroom house and the team did the dusting, vacuuming, mopping and cleaned my kitchen all within 1.5 hrs and by the time it was 10.20 they had left, so I was ready to shower up and head out for the day!

We ended up going into the City and had a amazing lunch date ( with my husband - we usually means my husband and I, LOL ) at Blue Train at South Gate where we had an amazing view of Southbank. The weather was really warm so it was beautiful. We decided to go to the NGV to see the The Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift exhibition which show cased the world of haute couture and Parisian fashion from the late nineteenth century to the twenty-first century. Its a free exhibition until 14/7/19 if this is something you would like to do. It was my first time at the gallery and will be heading back there another time to check out the other exhibitions.

Easter Sunday

By Sunday I was feeling fulfilled with my weekend and couldn't believe I still had two days off! But I needed a makeup free casual day, so Sunday was mostly spent with doing some laundry, figuring out the weeks food plan, doing groceries, making lunch and just watching some crappy weekend TV and falling asleep on the couch. I wish I have days like these more often and it had been a while since I had a fulfilling day time nap - but I think I was allowed it considering most the chores were out the way. Our evening was spent with my mother in law and she had cooked up our favourite meal which was lovely of her and Fifi, their cat, was the most adorable as she let me pet her after what seems like forever.

Easter Monday Monday was going to be all about me, the day could have been better but I wasn't going to complain. I started off with getting my nails done, I was at the Springvale salon by 10.15am and glad I was as I was seen straight away and then it got so busy. I got a shellac with mani and a normal polish with pedi, which only cost me $27! The salon is so affordable and they also do a fab job. I had already planned to do a brunch on my own and catch up with some reading, but my sister in law messaged me to meet up so she joined me and we had a tasty meal at Cote Terra in Oakleigh. Im always on the hunt for brunchy cafes that are not too far away from where I live as most of the popular ones are closer to the city or the other side so this place was a gem of a find. I really wanted to get some new clothes so I headed to Chadstone, but three car parks and 1/2 hour later I gave up looking for a space and headed home! I will have to leave shopping for another weekend.

I did go back to work for two days after the long weekend but we then had Anzac Day off aswell. On the Wednesday night I was invited to a womens networking evening hosted by My Go to Gal and Bumble , in the city where I met some amazing women. On Anzac Day I caught up with some friends for an early breakfast, came home and gave the house a little tidy up and then went to Ikea with my husband. We bought some new kitchen things - which seems to really be the only thing I love at Ikea at the moment.

The week was really confusing as I then went back to work again for one day ( Friday) before it was the weekend again. It would have been amazing for all those who took 3 days annual leave in between to get 10 consecutive days off- but Im saving my leave for my trip to London in June!

As much as the last week has been a blur and was over before I knew it, it was great getting out the house and making the most of the lovely weather. I don't think there was a day I was home all day- So I can truely say I had a fab weekend. Not having to worry about cleaning the house, cooking at much or even doing any blog/instagram work meant I could relax and just enjoy my time off. Now I just have to wait another 5 weeks untill in London for 3 weeks!

Sal x

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