Crayola Beauty

When I got an email from ASOS telling us about the new Crayola Beauty range I was taken back to my childhood remembering how I would only use the pinks, reds and purple to complete a piece of art in my colouring book! Fast forward 20 or so years who would have thought I would be picking those same colour crayola's and trying to keep within the lines of my lips!?

Crayola Beauty came exclusive to ASOS early June 2018 so I was able to easily order them online and have them shipped out to me within the week, with no issues or additional costs and get playing. There are 58 products in the range such as face crayons, lip and cheek crayons, color-changing lip crayons, highlighters, mascaras, palettes, and brushes. All the products are vegan and animal cruelty free and cover a whopping 95 shades!

The packaging is very nostalgic with many of the lip and face crayon, shaped just like crayon and the some of the trio products are packaged in the familiar yellow and green boxes. Some of the product colours also share names with actual crayola crayons such as a cool beige, Outer Space, a metallic slate blue. The press released campaign photos use both male and female models wearing the colourful products in very cool ways to reflect the versatility of the range ( I couldn't dare to go that cool!) Crayola's have been a big inspiration in the beauty world, from homemade lipsticks being made from actual crayons to inspiration beauty collaborations . So its great to now see Crayola have got their own range which is so colourful, bright and fun.

Me being me, I played it a little safe and stuck to the standard pinks and reds, as I love and purchased the Colour Crayon Lip and Face Wild Fruits Trio $36 AUD and also the Crayola Face Palette $36 AUD.

I'll start by telling you about the Lip & Face crayons as they are my fave. The three shades that come in the Wild Fruits Trio are: Very Cherry, Mango Tango and Strawberry.

Very Cherry is a beautiful berry shade and Strawberry is a bright red. Both these crayons are really creamy, very easy to apply and smooth on the lips. As they are so soft they apply with very little effort and have a high pigment payout. I found it easy to line my lips ( I didnt use a different lip liner) with the pointy tip in the beginning (until I used it enough that the tip eventually became flat) and used the sides to fill in. They dont dry matte but keeps its sheen and moisture , keeping the lips soft and supple without drying them out. Throughout the day, the colour remained vibrant and pigmented and it did over time become more matte but didn't budge nor had it bled from where I had lined them.

The Strawberry Crayola Lip Crayon has been my favourite , I already love reds and this shade wasnt very deep but more vibrant which added some warmth and a pop of colour to my face.

The Mango Tango lip crayon is sheer and has some shimmer, which feels glossy on the lips. I didnt get much of a colour payout with this shade but I used it on top of other shaded lip pencils I have to added some dimention to my lips.

The crayons can also be used on the face as they are multi use so I tried them as blushes. The bright redness of the strawberry is too bold to use as a blush, so I gave the Wild Cherry a go. I applied a few lines on my cheek and blended with a flat dense brush , which went on really smooth and left a dewy tint finish. Its great on its own for a nice flush but to deepen it I added a light dusting of powder blush and strengthened the sheen with highlight. The Mango Tango is quite sheer so this can be used to as a glowey highlight or even a glossy shimmery eye. As they are both creamy they are easy to blend and feels moisturising on the skin.

The face palette comes with 3 blush shades, 4 highlights and 3 Bronzer shades. I’m going to go right in a say that I found the blush and bronzers shades to be dry and not very pigmented. I’m so used to powder products having more of a colour payoff and being bright, but with these I needed more product and time to add any depth, with no sheen in the finish and I was left with patchy cheeks. I preferred to use the bronzers as eyeshadow as they are too orange/ warm and they look better on the eye for a subtle look, especially of the shades which has sparkles.

The highlighters are fine. They have a lovely sheen, which applies light on the skin so it gives the skin a lovely dewy finish. I’m not one for a heavy shine, so this was perfect for me. There are four shades: Unicorn glow, Pink glow, Gold glow and Bronzy glow. These are not the names, but for me best describes the shade!

The inner child in me was so excited to try these out but I was only really impressed with the multipurpose face crayons! They had major colour payoff just like the colourful wax crayons that they are based on and also had lasting power. You can tell by some of the pics I have used the Strawberry crayon quite a but as it was my favourite! I was disappointment by the face palette and I’ve heard similar reviews from others who also bought the shadow palette. The colours are beautiful but they need more depth, colour payoff and not be so powdery.

Have you tried any of the other products on the Crayola Beauty range? What are your thoughts?

Sal x