This quad of gorgeousness is super tasty for the skin! The Naked Bean products are all made in Australia from fresh roasted Robusta coffee beans and organic lingonberries & bilberries, so you can imagine how tasty they smell. The combined natural active ingredients are superfoods for your skin which will promote super soft and nourished skin.

Coffee is a great way to start to day whether as a drink or on your skin. It is also known to have amazing skincare benefits such as exfoliating the skin of dull dry skin, leaving you with smoother and brighter skin. It is also know as a diuretic and is said to reduce cellulite overtime due to the firming & anti-oxident benefits. Using in a circular motion topically on the skin will also promote blood circulation and flow to plump up the skin. Double the caffeine & more antioxidants help stimulate and exfoliate the skin and with no recycled beans used the products is as fresh as it can get!

The Sandinavian berries used  also are rich in antioxidants, are moisturising and the fatty acids promote skin nutrition.The bilberry plant fruit has a chemical component which seeks out the oxygen free radicals that is produced during energy metabolism and neutralizes their effects.

The collection consists of a dry body scrub, creamy body scrub, face mask/ exfoliator and a body cream. Although the all have the same main ingredients they are different in their own ways. 

Body Scrub

The coffee body scrub has been so great to use! Whether my skin is wet or dry the scrub works really good to polish away flaky dead skin leaving me with smoother softer skin. It’s really concentrated so you don’t need too much either so one dip into the packet was more than enough for my whole body as the scrub doesn’t melt away so you just move around what you have. It also leaves a light moisturising layer on the skin to protect and hydrate. There is also enough friction with the scrub to induce blood circulation however I havn't yet notice any minimised cellulite.  

Cream Body Scrub

The Coffee Cream Body Scrub is much creamier and less concentrated with exfoliating coffee beans in comparison to the pure Coffee Scrub, meaning you can use it daily without it being harsh on the skin. The creamy formula also leaves your skin really moisturised , more so than the scrub on its own. This is currently a staple when I'm in the shower to ensure my skin isn't dry and kept nourished and smooth.

Face Exfoliator/ Mask 

The 2 in 1 Face Scrub and Mask is amazing! Looks like I’m not the only one enjoying as I saw it peeking out my husbands toiletries whilst we were away recently! The creamy scrub/ mask is light & creamy and packed with exfoliating coffee particles. You can use is whilst cleansing as it will loosen away any dirt, oils or makeup residues whilst hydrating the skin and softening away any dry flakes for the grounded coffee to lift away . As a mask, the creamy formula hydrates & rejuvenates the skin and leaves it soft and fresh feeling. I really enjoyed it as a mask as I felt I got more benefit out of it and my skin felt and looked radiant


The Berry Souffle Hand and Body cream is so light and silky but it packs a really good punch of nourishment into the skin. Whether my skin is damp or dry it hydrates it without leaving a sticky creamy thick layer as it sinks into the skin leaving it very soft and smooth. It also smells delicious.

This Deluxe set retails at only  $43.00 . Check Out  Naked Bean's Website for more details

Sal x