Being a lipstick lover and with the sudden change of weather my lips are most definitely feeling like they need some TLC. Ive been trying out the BYBI Skincare Buffer Lipscrub and Plumper Lip Balm, that are slightly different to the usual lip care products that I use. The UK Brand BYBI products are Cruelty free and Vegan & Eco friendly products that are in gorgeous packaging and also smell amazing.

I was kindly gifted this duo and couldn't wait to try it out. Most of my matte lipsticks can be drying on the lips and with the change in weather my lips do get dryer and can get flaky and soar. In the cooler weather exfoliating them with some high concentrated scrubs can be too harsh so I’m glad I got to give these a try as they are not like any other.

The Buffer lipscrub is strawberry and cinnamon flavoured and is creamy, moisturising and exfoliating to help buff away dry chapped flaky skin from the lips. As it’s a nourishing creamy base it also gives you softer lips as it moisturises at the same time as exfoliating. The concentration of the scrub isn’t high so its gentle and not too harsh, meaning you can use it more regularly than a course dry scrub. I enjoyed using this as It didn’t leave a sticky residue and I was able to wipe away with a wipe or tissue for them to be prepped for my fave red lipsticks! It also smells amazing which makes it more fun to use.

I’m always little dubious with lip plumping balms but this minty Lip Plumper not only gives you a healthy enhanced lip shape, its moisturising and glossy. The texture is a hard balm which you only need a small amount of, it’s a little difficult to squeeze out, but the small amount is actually enough and just melts onto the lips with the warmth, into a glossy moisturising balm. Its long lasting and you defo feel the tingle of the peppermint and capsicum! ( this is what also plumps the lips) The balm protects the lips as its long lasting and leaves the lips smooth and soft with a subtle beestung shape. The thick and creamy texture is clear so it would be lovely to wear over a tinted lip colour to add that extra colour for a day look.

A great aspect of the balms is that the entire packaging of the duo is recyclable. The outer box is carton which can be disposed in your regular recycling. The actual tube and lids are made from sugarcane so it can also be recycled in domestic recycling without contaminating the process.

I would defo recommend this duo, which you can get individually if you want, but together they are perfect and would be a great gift for a loved one or even just for yourself to get those flake free luscious lips. The brand is stocked at Sephora, so I’m excited to see what other products the brand does, as this was the first time I had heard of them.

This due is $30 as Sephora.

Sal x