Bellabox | Social Flirt

Bellabox is back with their turquoise box and its filled with some amazing goodies this month. The 'Social Flirt' edition is filled with products to get you feeling confident and gorgeous with the skincare and makeup products.

NYX the go to Wanderlust Palette

We were able to choose which palette we wanted so I had to go for the wanderlust as it comes with 6 gorgeous eyeshadows, in all my favourite colours and tones, with the addition of a contour, highlight and blush shades. The shades are a variety of pinky, brown and are mostly shimmery .Its a really versatile palette, being an all rounder especially when travelling, as this covers all basis. You can create low key everyday looks with the nuder pinky shades or go full on glam with the deep burgundy and golds. The shadow was easy to pick up and is quite light. Its not as creamy as I would like for a heavier application for colour vibrancy, however it was light enough to blend easily and layer on. I love these colours as they can be used for both every day and a glam look. The highlight , blush and contour have a slight sheen to them, without leaving a dry/ matte finish to create a natural finish.

BLAQ Hydrogel Eye Mask

I've used these eyemasks before and they are the bomb! They are great to use before special occasions or even after late nights to get rid tired eyes. The texture of the masks are like a flimsy jelly, which was perfect as it was flexible and contoured to my face as required and it stayed on without gliding off. The masks are soaking in serum before applying and has hyaluronic acid, which is known to hydrate. The mask feels refreshing and cool through out the whole time its on the skin and I was really surprised by how much my eyes de-puffed and they felt smoother and firmer. The activated charcoal element is to de-puff and detox the area. I also noticed that my concealer under my eye area/ makeup looked so much more smoother as the skin around it wasn't too dry ( its a delicate area of the face and the skin is much thinner and I find I cant use too much makeup there without it looking patchy) These are a must to have laying around to use through out the week.

Pixi Shea Butter Tinted Lip Balm in Shade Natural Rose

This lip balm can get away with being called a sheer lipstick! The tinted Pixi sheer butter balm is highly pigmented and feels like a lipstick when applied and is very moisturising. I did found that the shading (Natural Rose) is on the blue tone side and slightly pale for my skin tone. So I’ve been using it with a deeper lip liner to balance the shading and topping with the lip balm throughout the day. This kept my lips from drying out and adding a bit more colour. My lips did feel soft and moisturised and I only needed to top up mid-day and when I got home, so I’d say it works its magic for about 4 hours.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

I don’t know about you, but when I get home after a long day I just want to take my makeup off and get my night time skin routine done with quickly. These wipes were great for my initial cleanse as it worked effortlessly to melt away and remove my makeup especially my mascara and liner. The wipe is moist with a sufficient amount of solution to dissolve away makeup and oils on the face. The wipe itself is gentle on the face but also feels like is has texture that isn’t rough on the skin, but course enough to wipe away the residues. I also loved that I was able to wipe away my eye liner in one swipe so I didn’t have to go over my area to often and harshly.

As with all wipes, I do not use them on their own but use a micellar water straight after for extra pre cleansing. All in all they both worked great in conjunction with each other to leave my skin feeling prepped and clean for my cleanse.

A'Kin Hydrating Antioxidant Duo Cream

It was about time I tried out a new night cream and this came at the perfect time as my current has finished. This Hydrating & Replenishing A’kin duo are both enriched with Organic Coconut Water to hydrate and Green Tea to help protect the skin against effects of pollution and free radicals. The Day cream is for hydration and the night for boosting and replenishing. The night cream comes with the addition of Vitamin E to replenish skin whilst sleeping. I love using Vitamin E and have been for many years, which I find helps replenish and rejuvenate skin over time to help fade away scars and spot marks. The day cream is obviously lighter in texture than the night cream and it sunk into my skin really well and I did feel hydrated throughout the day without leaving a heavy oily feeling on my skin. The night cream is much creamier and great for the night routine. On the first day I used it, I didn’t find that I was hydrated enough and needed to apply more a few hours later, but over the next few nights, my skin was more supple, hydrated and smoother. I also didn’t realise how strong the fragrance was as it’s a subtle fresh smell, but my husband told me I smelt like tea and I couldn’t figure out why, eventually realising it was the green tea in the creams!

Elastoplast - Dont Worry, Be Happy Limited Edition I am super clumsy and require a plaster at least once a week, by accidentally cutting my self in the kitchen with a knife or even cardboard! I was sent 2 samples from the limited range and they are pink and so cute! Im not usually one for additional cuteness with the most basic items, but this is pretty cute. These are great to add some jazz to your cuts rather than using plain boring brown plasters. The plasters themselves adhere well to the skin, protecting the wound and are also water resistant.

So thats the April box. I loved all the products and defo considering the A'Kin creams to add to my skin care routine. I'm excited to see what May will bring us.

Sal x