Bellabox | Beauty Reset

This months Bellabox is all about giving your beauty routine a shake up especially now that Winter is supposed to be coming to an end and Spring is slowly approaching. Get rid of dull swallow skin and give your routine a fresh new start with the Beauty Reset box.

We were sent some really exciting products which I was very happy with and one of the best things about the box was that it covered products for hair, skin and makeup! ( all in generous sample sizes).

All subscribers were sent a full size Mellow Cosmetics Precision Liquid Liner and also the Sand&Sky Flash Perfection Exfoliating treatment sample.

Mellow Cosmetics Precision Liquid Pen Eyeliner

Who can say no to another eyeliner in their collection!? New Zealand brand Mellow Cosmetic's liner is 100% vegan, cruelty free and made with a 100% mineral based pigments. It is also free from parabens, preservatives and chemical dyes so is perfect for those with sensitive skin and eyes.

I enjoyed using this, for one the flow of ink was superb and it didn't run dry half way through getting one eye done, which then also made it easier to complete the look as it had a smooth application. I was also able to achieve a thin stroke with the felt pen which is great if you don't like a thicker line. at least you can start thin and build it up. The finish of the liner is glossy and not matte and is long lasting. I didn't get any fading during the day and also found it quite easy to remove with no panda eyes with some micellar water. This was a full size liner so Its going to last a while and happy to add it to my rotation.

Sand & Sky Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment We all got sent the Sand and Sky exfoliating treatment and i'm so glad that we did. I've used their Brilliant Skin pink clay mask before but thought this upgrade with the exfoliating particles is perfect. The treatment exfoliates and resurfaces the skin with both chemical & fruit acids but also has tiny crushed particles of macadamia seed and bamboo to polish off at the end. The pink clay is to draws out impurities, dirt and excess oils; the rosehip, grape and olive oils nourish the skin and lastly witch hazel is used to tighten the pores and give the skin a lift.

I used this for only 5-10 mins as part of my cleansing routine and my skin felt lovely and smooth. Its quite pasty so was easier to apply with the fingers and It didnt needs to be applied thick. I did get a tingeling sensation on the skin, but it was comfortable. I love the fact that the mask has exfoliating particles so I was able to give my skin a good polish and at the same time have all the other amazing ingredients doing all the good things. My skin felt amazing at the end of it, I didn't leave it on for ages and It didn't set completely dry either. My skin looked tighter and felt refresher and smoother. Using a good face mask makes a huge difference in the appearance of the skin especially when using good products to keep it hydrated and soft.

Coco & Eve Coconut & Fig Hair Mask

This hair mask is made up of all the best ingredients for your hair: Raw Virgin Coconut , shea butter, linseed and argan oil and essence of fig. It is formulated to restore dry and damaged hair, hydrate and condition whilst preventing split ends and taming frizz. I love the packaging of the mask as baby pink is so my thing and it goes well with the green and for some reason the font reminds me of palm trees! the direction of the mask is to leave the mask on for 5-10 mins after applying to towel dried hair. I was way too lazy to towel dry my hair and then apply, so I squeezed away excess water and then applied and left for as long as it took me to do the rest of my thing in the shower. It smells really nice and isn't too overpowering with the coconut and you do get the fig fragrance come through. The mask is of a nice and thick consistency so you don't get any wastage when applying and you get a good coat of it through the hair. If you can, use a comb to get the product through the strands of the hair evenly and get coverage all over.

The product isn't too greasy so it wasn't difficult to rinse away but I did immediately feel that my hair was a lot smoother and manageable. I very rarely dry my hair with a blow dryer these days, so I do see the benefits in products that I use with a low maintenance routine. Overall I felt that the mask worked just like a deep conditioner would but my hair felt stronger, softer and was more manageable. I would have loved if I was able to smell the product afterwards. I do recommend leaving this product on for more than 5 mins for the best result.

CANVAS Beauty Rose Otto Overnight Intense Moisture Mask

I haven't used an Overnight mask in forever, as I find then can be quite thick and heavy for my skin. However the Canvas Rose Otto Mask was the complete opposite. The Australian Skincare brand uses natural and organic ingredients and the moisture mask has a molecular make up of high concentrations of moisturising complexes. The mask is infused with an extract from the Kakadu Plum, which has the worlds richest source of VIT C. The mask gives you a boost of long lasting hydration that works on the skin whilst you sleep so you wake up with smoother, softer and radiant skin.

I only needed a pea size amount of the mask for my face and neck which I applied in place of a serum and used my eye cream and moisturiser on top. Its consistency is thicker than serum but glides on to the skin and soaks in very well. You do feel the thickness of the product which isnt greasy so once it has sunk into the skin, you don't really notice it anymore and works invisibly on the skin. I loved the smell of the mask which smells like pure roses and adds a feel of luxury to the product. I loved that my skin felt really soft and rejuvenated in the mornings after use and it really helped with eliminating/ minimising dry skin I have had building up due to the heat and dry air of the ducted heating we have at our house. Hydration of the skin also helps reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles so its important to keep the skin hydrated especially at this time of the year. I would definitely like to add this product to my night time skin routine and also see what other products the brand has.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Wash

The caring face wash is a very simple yet effective facewash that is gentle to the skin and cares for it at the same time. Its ideal for all skin types , its Soap free, preservative free and fragrance free. It contains 4 powerful ingredients that hydrate, sooth, moisturise and assists the skin in repairing all whilst you cleanse. I don't really need anything to crazy when cleansing / rinsing with water so I loved this and I used this every night after my initial cleanse steps. This was to rinse / wash away any residues and prep my skin for the next step in the routine. It was very gentle, didn't dry my skin out, wasn't irritating to my eyes and my skin felt clean and fresh after use. The sample we were sent was also very generous, so Its still going. You don't need a lot, as its runny so spread all over very easily. La Roche Posay never disappointments me and I would be happy to add this to my routine.

BONUS: Revlon Youth FX™ Fill + Blur Primer for Face / Neck

I was curious to try this primer out as I have heard so many good things. The Youth FX range is targeted to reduce and minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles with the use of micro fillers and optical diffusers that blur the finer lines on the skin. The sample doesn't come with an applicator so I used my fingers to apply over my skin. It is a universal nudish shade so you get some colour from the product that doesn't leave any unwanted white masking if you were to use this alone and it is really smooth to apply on the skin and feels somewhat moisturising. I actually really liked the primer as my skin looked and felt smoother, more plump and radiant. However I didn't find that it helped combat oily skin as I did look uber shiny by the end of the day.

I was really happy with this months box as there were so many products that I want to buy and add to my routine. They were perfect to get spring started with. I'm looking forward to seeing what the september box has in store for us, but what I do know is that we will all be sent a Tarte Lip cream!

Sal x