August Highlights

I wish I could be strolling at the beach again and away from the cold that Melbourne is. We have just come into spring so hope it gets a little better and we see more of the sun very soon. It feels like its been winter forever, I am freezing my toes off no matter how long I've been sitting in front of the radiator. People may think I'm used to it but nope, its always so windy and that makes it a different cold to the UK!

Its been a crazy August, I've had bad skin to deal with,I have been eating a lot of crap comfort food ( could explain the skin) and I wish I had more time to just lounge on the couch and binge on my shows. The day light savings make its feel like its late much earlier, automatically making me feel like its bed time at 9pm so I cant wait for summer to get here, so we have more light and I can feel more productive.

The last few months have had lots of ups and downs, loss of loved ones, health issues but there has been some exciting changes too.

At the beginning of August we moved into a new home ( rental). The move went really smoothly with very minor hiccups which were out of our control and within a week we had organised everything. Now I'm still trying to figure our the furnishing as I want a fresh new approach to the interior as this house is much more open plan and spacious in comparison to the last so I need more furnishing to make the space feel cosy and complete. We don't have any carpets so also need to add some rugs to make it softer on the feet and also create more warmth. Im not sure what I really like to be honest. I like cosy and warm but I also like clean and fresh so would like to incorporate the both. Also loving the plants concept so have been filling the house with a different variety, but I havn't been able to find any unique indoor pots that fit the potted pots so some are just sitting there looking naked.. Its just one of those things that will take forever to get perfect.

Our old rental didn't allow pets which was annoying. My husband's family has always had cats and he adores them and I grew up in a household with no pets so I loved the thought of having a pet to love and care for. So we got lucky that the landlord of the new house was happy for us have pets! So about 2 weeks into the new house we went to the local RSPCA and Petbarns to have a look at what cats were up for adoption. We did want a kitten that was around 4-6 month yrs old, making it easier on us to train and also leave when we went to work. We met our handsome Cosmo on the 17th August ( he also turned 6 months that day) and were so excited to take him home. When we first met him another family were interested in him, so we had to wait until they made a decision and lucky enough for us, they were not able to go ahead, so he was ours.

Cosmo is so loving and affectionate but at the same time can be a menase and do lots of naughty things. He also meows a lot to get your attention and tries his luck with walking all over the kitchen counters and hobs and will even try and get a lick of your food. We are trying to train him with no's and pointing the finger down, to get him off the counters but only just started to use a bottle of water to spray him to act as a deterrent. Besides the naughty things he is the most adorable kitten when he looks at you with his innocent eyes. He loves to come and sit on your lap and place his paws on your chest, he doesn't scratch or bite and lets you stroke his face and hold his paws. He loves meeting new people and isn't shy at all!

One of the major and most important highlights of this month has to be the fact that I got my temporary residency visa! That means I have the go ahead to stay in the country on the basis of my marriage and it will be reviewed in 2 years from the date I applied, to be given permanent residency. It was quite a long procedure with lots of forms and evidence gathering, but due to the fact that I love taking photos and keeping memories, I was able to easily provide the details of my relationship and marriage to the immigration department.

So those are the top 3 highlights of the month for me! With the busy period over I cant wait to plan a weekend getaway or maybe even a holiday abroad in a few months time. I really need it.

Sal x