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November 7, 2018



Happy 7th Birthday Bellabox!! This month is a birthday bash special themed box with a variety of goodies to help get the party started. All bella's were sent the Appeal Cosmetics Highlight drops and The Model Rock Lashes which are two gorgeous products a party makeup look requires.


I was able to test and review all of these products after 1-2 uses, as they were not skin care that required a few weeks to see a difference or we were only sent a one use sample. 



Swisspers Facial Wipes

I've used the Swisspers cucumber facial wipes before and I love them! Firstly this Coconut one is infused with a combo of miceller and coconut water and is remove makeup, cleanse hydrate and moisturise the skin. It gently melts away makeup including matte liquid lipsticks and waterproof mascara. It is a really strong durable cloth so it helps in removing makeup without stretching out. As with any makeup removing wipe it doesn't remove all residues but it does a great pre-cleanse to take away majority. Its hydrating and doesn't leave the face dry for those moments you don't get a chance to rinse your face straight away or continue with your skincare routine immediately, its great. 


Voeu Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask
Sheet masks are so easy to use and its filled with serum which you can then massage into the skin. This mask is for hydration and has some key ingredients such as  Witch Hazel that is anti inflammatory and soothing , Aloe Vera Extract which is hydrating, soothing and softens the skin, Niachinamide ( Vit B3) which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines/ wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin and the last main ingredient is Trehalose which helps the skin retain its moisture to avoid dry skin and ageing of the skin.

The mask smells lovely and only needed to be on the skin for 15mins, after which I squeezed out some of the remaining serum from the mask and used a roller to massage it into the skin. My skin instantly looked and felt so much more plump and smooth. This would be ideal to use in the mornings so if you are wearing make up afterwards, it would look amazing. I just tend to end up using masks at the end of the day after removing my makeup. I wouldnt mind treating my self to these to use in the mornings for a boost especially if I'm planning on going out. 



TLW Let’s Get Naked Frizz Fighter, 20ml

I am hopeless when it comes to hair care, as I only really just use a hair oil which I am happy with. This product for the hair is said to smooth, condition each strand leaving it shiny and frizz free in any weather, Its also packed with keratin and silk proteins that will also hydrate and strenghten the hair. It is also supposed to speed up drying time and hold a blow wave for longer. 

The frizz fighter is of a cream gel texture and smells lovely. I used a small amount in my short hair to begin with as I really dont like the weighed down look and feel of my hair the day after using products.  It didnt really make a huge difference to my hair and my hair felt a little more straw . So I used it a few more times, with more product and effort to see if there was any difference, but disappointly my hair felt dry and wasnt smooth and soft. Once dried and straightened there was a matte sticky finish , however the day after it wasnt there anymore. I didnt enjoy thing this product.


Appeal Cosmetics Highlighter Drops 

I really only use powder highlight as I feel I have more control over it, so It was a challange to perfect this! I was really happy that the highlight wasnt as potent as I thought it would be and  I'm also not sure what shade I got, as I didnt see a shade name on my bottle, but it was rose gold packaging and the highlight looked more platinum. I used it in three different ways: Mixing it with my primer, applying directly all over my skin with a brush before foundation and also by tapping it onto the skin where I wanted a glow.

The forumla isnt runny  so I was able control the highlight, especially when I was just applying it to certain areas. As it was more of a sheen that blended out leaving a beautiful luminous glow. Its really pretty and will be perfect for summer. I would have loved to try a more bronzy/ gold shade so the tone is more suited to my skin tone , as I find the platinum too silvery.  The products would also be amazing to apply to the body for a beautiful glow mixed in with some moisturiser. My only critisism would be that the pipette applicator doesnt really work, as the product is too thick/ or there wasnt enough in the bottle. I therefore had to use it more like an applicator, to sprape and spread on the skin, which isnt a big deal. I am acctually excited to keep this in my makeup routine and just mix it up a little in how I use it. 


MODELROCK Signature Lashes

I havnt worn fake lashes since I was uni ( except for my wedding!)  but its become such a norm for many people on a daily basis. I luckily have long lashes and rely on good mascaras for thickness, so It was a real challange to apply these. I never really was good to begin with due to lack of experince but it was fun trying to get them on.  The Modelrock lashes are all handmade and made with a superflex invisable band ro help achieve a natural finish and Im not going to lie, my lashes and eyes looked amazing. The lashes gave my eyes a different level of volumn and length and also felt very comfy. I did have to adjust to it for a few mins, but in no time I forgot I was wearing any. I just need to get a little quicker at applying and maybe I'll wear them more often. 



BONUS: OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Body Lotion & Wash 

I havnt used this brand before but boy I was really impressed. Mostly because of how amazing it smells. The body wash is a glissening  gold formula that felt amazing to use and it was a surreal experince because it smell devine. It did leave my skin feel smooth and hydrated without any oily residues. The moisturiser is also heaven. It is a gel which turns into a cream as you rub into the skin and takes a little effort to massage into the skin. It isnt greasy at all and completly sinks into the skin but may not be the best for really dry areas of the skin. I would definetly love to try this again so will be looking out for them at the shops. 


Bellabox are really celebrating thier Birthday with these fab treats. Yet again they have spoilt us with a fab box . 


This will be my last review of the Bellabox for a while now but I have enjoyed receieving these goodie on a monthly basis.


Sal x










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