Bellabox | Baby It's Cold Outside

It has been a very cold month and Bellabox did good with sending us the perfect goodies to keep our hair and skin in check! This month’s box was called ‘Baby its Cold outside’ and it was filled with some lovely brands and concentrated on skincare mostly. I have oily skin, but I do get dry patches around my mouth and on my nose so it was nice to try some new bits out. I’m a little late in getting out my review out but hopefully its useful to you all.

All the products worked in conjunction with each other apart from the nail polish so I’ll start with that first.

Nails Inc London Nail Polish

Bellabox had some mishaps with shipment so we were all sent the same shade of this Nails Inc London Polish, although we had the option of choosing from 3 shades. We were sent shade Collingham Place which is a neutral pinkie shade. I don’t wear polish very often and when I do it has to be easy to use, apply, dry quickly and avoid chipping for as long as it can. I loved that this polish has a wide brush which made it really easy to apply in like 2 strokes and gave a smooth even finish. The formula isn't too thick, so It didn't take as long to dry and doesn't feel too thick on the nail. With a top coat the polish lasted a week with minimal chipping. I do get a little clumpsy in the kitchen and around the house so always find that those tasks make my nails chip a lot faster than the average person , so we did well with this polish!

La Bang Body Hydrate Me Hair Treatment

Since getting my bob, I feel that I have to dry and straighten more hair more than usual, which can cause havoc to the well being of my hair, so thought this treatment mask was perfect for some TLC. The formula is specifically aimed at protecting from heat, chemicals and to tame the fly aways. Its has a blend of Coconut, Macadamia, Moroccon Argan and Jojoba Oils. These are perfect fo hydration, repairing and strengthening. I was sent the Raspberry scented treatment, which smelt really yummy and totally masked the smells of the natural ingredients. The product is solid at first but as soon as you get it in your palm it melts down into an oil and makes it really easy to apply into the hair. I combed it thought and I left it on as long as I could and then got in the shower to wash away. I didn't use any conditioner or leave in hair oil to see how effective it would be. I also dried my hair naturally to avoid the smoothness of the dry. My hair did feel really soft and smooth to touch, but as I went to straighten my hair I could feel that it was not as soft as I would like it. My hair still needed some extra hydration or a soft coating with the leave in oil. When I used the treatment with a conditioner and hair oil, it was perfect and extra hydrated. I believe that regular use of the treatment would be ideal for the product to work effectively.

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub

The Neutrogena Naturals face wash is new to me, as I am a little picky with what cleanser I use as I hate ones that strip away ALL oils leaving my skin dry and prone to excess oil build up. The scrub contains natural salicylic acid from Willowbark which is to breakdown dead skin that can build up in the pores. The cleanser also has soft Jajoba beads which feels really gentle on the skin as it lifts away and loosens dead skin cells without being too harsh. The formula is on the runny side and smells really refreshing. Not really sure though If I would go for this as I am used to more of a polishing scrub on my face to get a smoother finish and also because I felt this stripped away a bit too much of my natural oils but my husband has been enjoying this!

Garnier Skin Active Rescue Mask in Juicy Lemon

You cant get through winter without masking! Its a must, so this one was perfect in terms of adding luminosity and radiance to the skin. The mask is of a jelly like consistency, was of a translucent colour and the citrus smell was prominent. I used a brush to apply to the skin but due to the texture of the formula it took a little more effort to apply. Once the mask was on it gave a slight tingling sensation which was not uncomfortable and could tell that the mask was doing its job. You are told to leave on the skin for about 10 mins to work its magic and I didn't really go over time. I thought initially that the mask was a peel mask as it says 'Juicy Peel Mask' on the packaging, but it remained like a wet gel on the skin so when it came to removing it, it was difficult with warm water alone as it wouldn’t melt away quick enough, so I had to use a warm wet flannel to wipe away the mask.

Zuii Organic Flora Gradual Tan Lotion

I was spectacle using this gentle face tanning lotion as I already have brown skin and I was worried that it would give my skin an orange tint! I made a point of this on my Insta Stories and Zuii got back to me informing me that as it’s a gradual tanner so it will only give subtle colour but also hydrate, moisturise, boost collagen and reduce fine lines of the skin! The sample only had enough for 3 uses, but even after the first use ( I used at night time), I felt my skin was glowing and dewy, for which I was actually complimented. This lotion uses a unique combo of botanical ingredients to benefit the skin.

Burt’s Bees Night Cream with Royal Jelly

This night cream was my favourite of the bunch. It was a thick creamy moisturiser and smells like Turkish delights! Although it was thick it wasn’t greasy so I was happy using oils underneath to add an extra boost of goodness to my skin. The moisturiser kept my skin hydrated and added suppleness to the skin which I noticed the next day.

With the combination of all the skin products, I have felt more confident with my everyday makeup routine as my skin has been feeling and looking amazing, apart from a few dry patches as I have been sniffling away for a few days. They worked great in conjunction with each other to add the TLC that was required. The HelloFresh Recipe book also has some amazing recipes, but I was a little lazy / also didnt have to cook much this month so haven't got round to trying any of the recipes. If you would like me to share them on Instagram Stories, just let me know as they sound so delicious and easy to make.

Sal x