June Empties

I've been cheeky and treated my self to some new products recently so some of my other products have been neglected, hence why I haven't had an empties review for a while. However I did use up these beauts as they are part of my staple skincare & makeup routine which I like to ensure I always have on hand. I'll give guys a little run down on them and why I love them.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50 SPF

Ive been using this SPF for years now. It has a high SPF of 50 , it a light formula and doesn't leave my already oil prone skin looking or feeling greasy. The formula needs a good shake before using it as it does separate and thats visible at the time of use. The bottle also has a pointed pourer so you can control how much product you squeeze out as it is runny. The formula is also fragrance free making is suitable to use for those with sensitive and sun intolerant skin. It important to use sunscreen everyday whether its sunny or not, as there are always UV rays out. This formula doesn't leave my skin feeling clogged or heavy and is very comfortable. I do however feel that if I over rub the product into my skin, it actually starts to peel away, so I dont over rub as it sinks into the skin anyway.

Loreal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara

You may have gathered that I have a thing for Loreal mascaras. The Paradise Extatic is the newest mascara in the Loreal range which I was able to buy when I was in the UK, however since then it has come to Australia. If you have heard of the Better then Sex Mascara, well this is a dupe of that ( maybe even a bit better!) & at a better price. Using this for the first time , I did find that there was a lot of product on the brush which made my lashes look really clumpy, so I would wipe away the excess and coat my lashes a few times, letting the product dry every so slightly before going in for a double coat. The bristles of the brush gets right into all the lashes so you get a full coat, resulting in noticeable thicker longer lashes. The mascara lasts all day long without any flaking and also washes away easily at the end of the day. I have at-least another two spares so Im never without lol

Model Co Instant Brows

I was sent this brow pencil in my Bellabox and I fell in love with it instantly. The pencil is not a sharp nib tip, but a long angular tip which makes shaping the brows much easier. It is a waxy product which add colour to the brows but also grooms the brows in to shape and keep them that way! There is also a spooley which you can use to blend out the product and shape the brows. I was sent the dark shade which wasn't too cool or warm in tone so my brows had more of a natural colour defining them.

Kerastase Nutritive Oleo- Relax Hair Oil

This is the only hair product I use on my hair, other than dry shampoo. I found that I only need one pump of the oil in my hair, which is light in texture so I am able to massage it into my hair very well and the one pump of the oil goes a long way. I only use it after I have washed my hair , before I blow dry / or let it dry naturally which then leaves my hair feeling so soft, smooth and shiny. It doesn't leave a sticky finish and keeps my hair manageable and tames down the rebellious dry hair I have. I have found that If I use it on dry hair, although its light in texture it leave my hair a little too shiney and my hair gets oilier much quicker. Ive had this one bottle for nearly a year and only just bought a new one. I couldn't find it in Australia, so my lovely sister got me a bottle from the UK :-)

La Roche-Posay Serozinc

The Serozinc toner containers three ingredients: Purified Water, Sodium Chloride & Zinc Sulphate . Sodium Chloride (Salt) is stimulating, cleansing, is an antiseptic which is softening for the skin and also hydrates when used in moderation. The Zinc Sulphate has benefits of speeding up the healing of wounds, can reduce skin oiliness and used to treat acne/irritated skin. The perfect blend of the three ingredients work in conjunction with each other to tone and is also actively working on improving the texture and appearance of the skin. It targets blemishes, excess oiliness and the pores to tighten the appearance. I have oily skin, so I use this everyday in the mornings after my cleanse to start my day with a lovely base and at the same time hydrating my skin. It creates a great base to get my through the day and I do see a difference in how oily my skin gets. This spritz doesnt have to be used as a skincare item as part of your routine. You can use it throughout the day, if you out and about in the sun, to soothe the skin or even on top of razor burns.

Biore Charcoal Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips

Ive enjoyed using the nose strips since I was a teenager. I have oily skin and I am prone to black head. The charcoal nose strip was easy to apply to the nose, as it has little split around the strip which allow it to contour around the curves of the nose and the strip stick well to the nose with a little water. I do like to make sure I have exfoliated my face before using it and also use them after a shower whilst my pore are open. The strips can be a hit or miss when it comes to pulling out the black heads, so thats why I found the prep of the skin is vital. The charcoal has a deep cleaning properly so your nose will look and feel much cleaner once you remove the strip, not only will it try and remove black heads, it will also pull away dead skin cells and impurities too.

Are any of these your faves? Let me know what you think of them

Sal x