Face Halo | The Modern Makeup Remover?

Have you heard about the the new way to remove your makeup?

The Face Halo is a non toxic, free from cosmetic products, reusable and recyclable product in the form of a soft fluffy microfibre pad that will remove your makeup with just water!

You may have seen YouTube star Chloe Morello, the face of this brand all over social media where she takes her full face of makeup off with just the Face Halo and some water until she is completely makeup free. How amazing does that sound? It would be fantastic to be able to incorporate this into your night time routine, save some time and also some money!

I came across the Face Halo a few months ago, but I saw it again last weekend at Priceline and couldn't resist. The pack of 3 was at $30.

So let me give you the specs of the product

- Made from Microfiber so its non toxic

- It is 9.5cm in diameter, so lots of surface area to remove your makeup

- The fibre are 100 times finer than human hair to remove and trap makeup

- The white microfiber allows you to see the makeup that is being removed

- Each Face Halo can be washed around 200 times, that is nearly 7 months of use ( you have 3 in a pack)

- No Mess or dripping when removing makeup

- The soft satin edges of the Face Halo, gives it a glam look.

I usually start my makeup removing routine with a makeup remover wipe, which doesn't get all my makeup off, so then I go in with some micellar water on a cotton pad which takes away the residue which is clearly visible. I then use a cleanser to loosen any last remaining makeup and to freshen up my skin and wash away with water.

Using the Face Halo I rinsed the Face Halo in some warm water and squeezed away the excess and went in to wipe away my makeup. I swiped it from the middle of my face to the side, as apposed to going in circular motions and I was able to see layers of my makeup being stripped away and my mascara also came off with no trouble. I did have to be gentle around the eye area and use the edge of the Face Halo to get into the corners, but its so soft and gentle on the skin it felt . I rinsed the Face Halo in some more water and also used the other side of it, if I was wearing heavy makeup or a long lasting lipstick. I did find that it worked best if you used the wet Face Halo on a dry face rather than wetting your face before using. After I removed all my makeup I did a test with some micellar water on a cotton pad to see if there was any residue and to my surprise there was none! The only residue that would come up on the micellar soaked-pad, was if I didn't spend enough time taking off eye makeup up or bold lipstick.

The Face Halo also left my skin feeling really soft with some of the exfoliation that would have occurred when removing the makeup. Over time I was fairly confident that it was removing all my makeup so I didn't go in with micellar water, but would still use a cleanser to add extra benefits to my skin and do a final rinse with some water.

Cleaning the Face Halo The final step of the Face Halo was to ensure it was kept clean to use again the next time. The makeup on the pad didnt rinse away with water, so I used some of my brush cleaning products and as I use Johnsons Baby Shampoo, I thought it would be safe enough to protect the pad. I created a foam and used my finger tips to loosen away the makeup , washed it, rinsed it and left it to dry. It didn't always become as white as it was but it did look cleaner. Sometimes this would be a chore to do each night, so I would make the most of the double sided pad and use the other ones that came in the pack and at the end of the week do a full clean and pop them in the washing machine with my other white laundry. They didn't come out super clean and Im still yet to find a way to brighten them up so they look fresh again. Each Face Halo also has a durability of 200 washes so with the 3 combined it going to last you a quite a while, so you can save some money on other products you may have used.


Who would have thought you can actually remove your makeup with just some water and a microfiber pad!? I was a little spectacle in the beginning and wasn't sure if water was enough to melt away makeup but with the aid of the microfibre technology it actually worked. The fine fibres trap and lift away the makeup but are strong enough to last at-least 200 washes. I loved using the Face Halo as I had less steps in my routine and I was able to see that it removed ALL my makeup and I didn't have any residue left over. It was also really soft against the skin and would also be perfect to use even if you are not wearing makeup and to give your skin a gentle exfoliation. The pad is quite big so you have more surface area to work with but at the same time its small enough to take traveling without having to worry about carrying makeup remover wipes, micellar water and cotton pads! I think over time there is also the money saving aspect , one pack of makeup remover wipes can be $3 minimal which will last around a month if you were to use one per day so if you do the math makeup wipes will cost more than the face halo packet! So for all the reasons above I am so happy to introduce the Face Halo into my skin care routine.

Have you used it before? What are your thoughts?

Sal x