Bellabox | Weekend Skin

The May Bellabox 'Weekend Skin' box is filled with products to give that fresh girl next door weekend look, well that is the way I have interpreted it and Im not going to lie, to my surprise I was really happy with the items I was sent and used all of them for most of the month and im happy to say they were all a hit! 3 out of 6 of the products were also full size which was a added bonus.

White Glo Charcoal Deep Stain Remover Toothpaste

Another great product with the famous charcoal ingredient. My husband has been using this for years and he has a great white smile despite the amount of coffee he drinks, but he never lets me use his White Glo, so I was shoving this in his face to say "Ha! I get to try it too!" lol The product itself has activated charcoal which helps detoxify your moth which also helps freshen the breath, it removes deep stains and discolouration but penetrating deep into the teeth to result in whitening the enamel of the teeth.

Ive been using a pea size amount both morning and night with an electric toothbrush and I have noticed my teeth look much brighter ( not completely white just yet!) and my breath feels much cleaner and fresher even after use. The toothpaste is a deep grey but when it foams up its white , so you dont have the mis conception of brighter looking teeth after washing away the foam. Ive always been a bit reluctant to spend more on toothpaste, but after giving the sample a go, I think it will be worth it in the long run.

RRP $5.99 150ml , Available at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Coles and Woolworths

ModelCo Baked Highlighter in Moonshine I have absolutely loved this highlighter! I have used it every day since I received it as part of my everyday makeup and I have applied it all over my blush to create a highlight and radiance to my skin. The baked highlighter is sheer, light in texture and has micro colour pigments which leaves the skin radiant and gives a natural glow. Its easy to apply , doesn't leave you looking over done and perfect for oily skin too as it lasts all day without giving you an extra shine. For these reasons, its been perfect for making me look and feel fresh, glowy and great for everyday wear.

RRP $25.00 3.5g , Available at

John Plunkett Refirming Eye Cream with Rosehip Oil

Ive never heard of this brand before but this eye cream was very pleasant to use. The Pentacare in the eye cream is meant to tighten and smoothen, whilst the Peptide Argireline relaxes the tissues around the eye area. The Rosehip oil softens and nourishes the skin and also increases collagen production. All in all, the cream will hydrate and reduce puffiness to give you fresh looking eyes.

Ive been using this mostly in the evenings and its light but creamy at the same time and you can feel its going to soften out the area around the eye which is very delicate. I have woken up with less puffiness and a smoother under eye area, which helped my makeup look flawless. The sample we were sent is very generous ( 5ml) so I still have lots left to enjoy.

RRP $31.15 15ml , Available at and Terry White Chemmart

Numasque Makeup Remover Ive not seen or used a product like this before, so It was different and refreshing to try something new all together. The product is a cream based makeup remover which is lightweight and non greasy. It is free of fragrances, sulphates and also allergy tested. As per my normal makeup removing routine, I pre-cleansed before using this. I always have residual makeup left of my skin so I do a wet cleanse and this was perfect for then. I used a generous blog of the cream on to dry skin and massaged it all over in circular motions to loosen and lift away the makeup and also massage my skin at the same time. It washed away well and left my skin not only cleaner but also moisturised and conditioned. Ive tried many times to use makeup removers, oil cleansers and cleansers to remove makeup with out a pre cleanse and I've found that I would still have residue of makeup left on my skin, by testing it with micellar water, so because of this I pre cleanse first and then go in with a cleanser which I can wash away with water and still have the benefits of the product.

RRP $19.95 150ml, Available at and Priceline

Universal Beauty Cosmetics Tint Stick in Nude Pink

Another brand I have not heard off, but when I first saw the product I thought it was Topshop makeup as its the fonts are so similar! None the less this was a great gem to discover. The brand have created a fuss free fool proof product which is also cruelty free and vegetarian and it comes in 6 shades. The tint stick I was sent is a hot pink shade ( unsure of the shade) and it comes in a pen applicator with a flexible nib. The point of the nib is flexible allowing application to be precise and easy and the tint applies evenly to the lip. This shade also smells amazing that you could almost lick your lips! The tint drys quickly onto the lips but you dont get the uncomfortable drying out of the lips and this is because the tint is infused with Vit B5 which give hydration and also Aloe Vera which soothes. Once dried, you get a semi matte finish which you could add some sheen to by either using a lipgloss or balm on top.The tint is suppose to be budge and smudge proof for 10 hours. I dont usually keep my makeup on for that long, but It did stay on for quite a while and my lips also stayed moisturised. You can also intensify the shade of the tint, but applying more for that pop of colour. This shade definitely is a weekend colour to jazz up any look.

RRP $19.99, Available at

Nutrimetics NC BB Creme Skin Perfector

This product was the additional small sample we were sent and as its shading was light/ medium. I was not even going to use it as it would have been too fair for my skin colour, but I did for the purpose of this review and who knew I would fall in love with it! The shading wasn't too off , it was neither too light or too dark and I was able to use a bit of press powder to just deepen it up a little bit. The BB cream is light in texture which blended into my skin seamlessly without leaving a trace of product and eft my skin with a really natural dewy finish It has a light coverage to minimise imperfections and gave my skin a really amazing fresh skin finish. During the day I had minimal oiliness and my skin still looked amazing. Paired up with the ModelCo Moonshine highlighter you ready to go!

This BB Cream is a 5-1 product which is a primer, tinted moisturiser, SPF 15 and a skin perfector to brighten the skin and minimise pigmentation.

RRP $35.00 30ml , Available at

These combined skincare and makeup items are perfect for that fresh faced weekend look with the perfect pop of pink to go with any outfit whether its low key or dressed up , it will give you the confidence to shine.

Excited to see what the next month has in store for us all

Sal x