Beauty Loyalty Programs you need to be signed up with!

I loved being a part of the Boots Advantage Card Rewards when I was in the UK, so when I moved to Melbourne I made sure I joined with these three beauty store's rewards programs to ensure I made the most of what was out there. Why not get additional freebies for buying the things you enjoy? Its been a year and Ive been rewarded with some lovely products although I havn't really spent a lot. All my beauty necessities are purchased from the below three stores anyway , so its a great way to build up the spend/ point and get treated later.

Im going to start by telling you about Mecca's Beauty Loop. Mecca's program puts you into tiers depending on how much you spend through out the year and to receive any benefit you would have to spend a minimum of $299 in the year from when you joined. I dont know about anyone else but for each trip I make to Mecca I always end up spending about $100 anyway and the store has some amazing brands so you're always tempted and can rack up a good spend. This year so far I reached Level 1 and have been part of 2 Beauty Loop boxes ( but gutted I missed the October one as I was on holiday!) and received a birthday gift. The higher in tier you are the more benefits you receive. You can see the chart below to summerise.

* Spend is calculated over a rolling 12 months period. Mecca's T&C are here.

The next store is Priceline's Sisterclub card. I buy most of my general beauty and high street brand products from Priceline and they always have offers so its really easy to build up your spend. There are three levels : Sisterclub Member, Diamond Member and Pink Diamond Member. The level you are in is determined on the number of points that you accumulated during a quarter. Your points do remain at the end of the quarter and you can spend more, for more points to be put into a higher tier. I have reached the pink diamond tier, in which I received a birthday gift voucher, 2 free products of my choice from a range and built up points which were used as credit on my purchases**.

**More details about the sisterhood here.

The last store I'm signed up with is Sephora Beauty Pass. I like to buy makeup from here that I cant get from Mecca as not all brands are available at every store. Again with the beauty pass there are three tiers in which you are placed depending on how much you have spent. There is Sephora White, Black and Gold. You recieve points by reviewing products, updating your beauty profile ( the one time only) and you get 1 point for every $1 spent. You can redeem the points at the Rewards Boutique if you have accumulated enough points for that specific Reward, when you make a purchase. I am currently in the Black tier and have received some lovely deluxe samples and a cute Tarte birthday gift recently.

I haven't summarised what Sephora offers as there is lots per tier , but you can find the details here.

You dont have to be a big spender to part of the loyalty programs, especially if its at a store you go in to frequently. I only buy what I need, I would like and dont over spend just to get higher on the tier and have still received some amazing benefits of it. Lots of small purchases also add up so dont be put off. I personally find it very useful especially my Priceline Sisterclub membership as I purchase all my toiletries from there and also for my husband so double points for me! If you have forgotten your member card, let the store know too as they can search up your membership details via your email address, so you dont loose out.

Are there any other beauty loyalty programs that I dont know about? Let me know as Im always up for a saving and some freebies!

Sal x