The StylePro Brush Cleaner

Cleaning your brushes is super important to ensure that makeup, dirt, dust and bacteria is cleansed away from brushes that your using to apply product to your skin especially if it’s a liquid product. This will ensure that your skin isn’t irritated , avoids break outs and most importantly will allow the brush to do its job and give you an amazing finish.

I like to wash my brushes at least once a week or every other week depending on if I have enough clean brushes. I have been using a gentle baby shampoo to cleanse and clean them with the spectrum heart brush cleaner mat.

For my birthday/ our anniversary this year, my husband gifted me with the StylePro brush cleaning device , which was really exciting as I have seen it advertised everywhere and have wanted to try it out for a while. My husband knows me too well and is definitely listening to me!

The StylePro includes a ball bowl with a guarde, different sized attachments and the motorised device. The different sized attachments needs to be matched to the thickness of the brush handle, inserted onto it and then attached to the motorised device. The motorised device, spins really fast when switched on to aid the cleaning and drying of the brush.

The directions states that when cleaning brushes used for foundation, use brush cleaning solution or if cleaning brushes that is used for powder products mix water and cleansing soap. I used the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel for the foundation brushes and Johnsons Baby Shampoo for the powder brushes as advised in the manual. It states that you should not mix the cleansing solution with water when washing the foundation brush, but as I had a gel I loosened it with a little water. I mixed the baby shampoo with some water to create a sudsy solution as directed.

I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed using the ProStyle, I had read so some many mix reviews that I just assumed it may not be the best product to use. However I was surprised at how quick It worked and that I had nearly fully dried brushes within one minute. Usually I need to leave my brushes for nearly 2 days to dry depending on the weather which Is a nightmare as I sometimes wash all my brushes at the same time.

There attachments for the brushes come in a variety of sizes which were perfect for all the brush sizes I have, however some of my Real Technique brushes didn’t quite fit securely because they don’t have a parallel handle as they slant out at the ends. As it wasn’t secure when its attached to the device which spins it at high speed, it just fell off before it could clean it self! Otherwise all my normal brushes stayed secure in the attachments.

Once attached I dipped it into the solution in the bowl ( I filled it half way) and then switched the device on. It starts to spin the brush really fast to clean it. It create a whirlpool which then also creates a lot more bubbles. After about 10-15 secs I switched the device off and pulled the brush out to see if it was clean. If not I dipped it back in and repeated. Once cleaned, I lifted the brush out of the water, keeping the device switched on but keeping it in the bowl above the water to dry. The guard around the bowl stops water from flicking everywhere, which is handy. I kept it on for about 10 seconds or until dry. The manual does state not to dry spin for too long. There were occasion where the brush still had suds on it as there wasn’t enough room for the drying process.

I was so surprised as to how clean the brushes were and that they were actually dry within 10 seconds. The spinning motion flung all the water away and they were pretty much good to start using again. I washed brushed with had a variety of thicknesses and they were all dried whether they were thick or lightly compacted.

There were some brushes that didn’t completely become clean but that could be because I needed to refresh the water. So I would suggested not filling the bowl too much, not using too much solution/ cleansing fluid and changing the water for each brush to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly. As the spinning motion creates lots of suds, when drying the brushes, they would touch the bristles, so I had to use a different bowl with clean water to rinse and dry.

I am super excited about my new gadget and can thank my husband for it. I have saved so much time in cleaning my brushes and it has been really effortless. I can use the extra time to get on with other things and also be able to wash my brushes in emergencies and use them straight away which will be very handy.

Have you used the StylePro? What were your thoughts?

Sal x