Thank you BLAQ for sending me these popular products from your brand! I have used the BLAQ charcoal mask before when I was sent a sample in my Bellabox and have also used similar products from other brands.

Charcoal products are the current trend and Blackhead extraction, Teeth Whitening and Eye Mask are all over social media. Charcoal is great to lift and extract impurities from the skin and having oily skin I do find that my skin gets congested and is prone to breakouts, so I tend to lean more towards products that contain it due to my great experiences with them.

These BLAQ products are not just aimed at women, but also men and my other half really enjoyed using these along with me to make sure he also had an amazing fresh glow. ( however he didn't use the teeth whitening wand!)

Im going to start by telling you how much I love the packaging. I'm all for simple and the black and bold white is right up my alley. Its simple not too complicated and gets right to the point. Being a charcoal based product it also makes sense to use this colour scheme. I also love the very friendly fun descriptions and instructions on the packaging.

I have used other branded 'charcoal masks' but the BLAQ mask is by far the best quality/strength wise. The mask is thick and gloopy and you don't need a lot to be able to spread all over the face and it actually also smells really nice. Before I applied the mask, I did exfoliate my skin and used a warm towel to wipe away my cleanser to open up my pores a little. I found it was best to use after a shower, when your pores have really opened up with the hot steam. Once I had patted my skin dry I immediately applied the mask using a flat stiff brush and I only really needed three blobs to spread around my face. The mask dried in about 20mins, but it depended on how thick the mask was applied. You really don't need a thick layer as it dries thin anyway and is strong. When it was completely dry I peeled it off starting from the bottom of my chin, in an upwards direction. It was strong and I was actually able to get it all off in one piece! Ive seen so many videos where people are shrieking in pain when removing these masks, but it only hurts if you have a lot of baby hairs on your face as these get pulled out along with extra dry skin. These are clearly visible on the mask once removed. As for black heads, I have had a few that got pulled out, but not many. My hubby gets a lot more of his out then I do and thats probably because he has more than me! My skin overall is left so much smoother, softer and brighter and would be great to use before special occasions, as your makeup will also look flawless.

TIP: Dont leave the peeled mask on wet surfaces as it will dissolve and make a mess everywhere!


The BLAQ eyemasks are also really amazing. Ive have quite a few late nights, early mornings and junk food galore the last couple of weeks, with the Christmas and New Years holidays. We had events early afternoon and these actually were great to use then. I would wakeup with puffy tired eyes, so after cleansing I would pop these on under my eyes and just leave then on for as long as I could before I had to get ready. The texture of the masks are like a flimsy jelly, which was perfect as it was flexible and contoured to my face as required and it stayed on without gliding off. The masks are soaking in serum before applying and has hyaluronic acid, which is known to hydrate. The mask feels refreshing and cool through out the whole time its on the skin and I was really surprised by how much my eyes de-puffed and was felt smoother and firmer. I looked so much more awake and I had to get my husband to also use this as I was really impressed and I knew he would be too. These are perfect for before special occasions or if you've just had a really long night! I also noticed that my concealer under my eye area/ makeup looked so much more smoother as the skin around it wasn't too dry ( its a delicate area of the face and the skin is much thinner and I find I cant use too much makeup there without it looking patchy) These are a must to have laying around to use through out the week.


Ive not really had great experiences with teeth whitening at home, as it leave my teeth feeling really sensitive and just puts me off. This wand however is so much more gentle and un-abrasive on the teeth. I love coffee, tea and indian food which can be harsh and staining on the teeth but I also want that hollywood smile, without the expense and pain. So I was really excited to see if this wand made an difference to my teeth.

I brushed my teeth to create a clean surface to work with and had to press the new wand until the greyish gel finally made its way to the tip. It was really easy to apply/ paint all over the teeth ( the grey colour disappears) and I only applied it those teeth which a visible with my smile. The brush applicator makes it easy to get the gel into all the hard to reach corners, that a whitening strip is not going to be able to reach. The gel isn't too thick and has a slight refreshing smell/taste . It doesnt have a strong chemical smell to it and feels very safe to use, however initially I did feel slight tingling sensations. It has no hydrogen peroxide in it so the coconut oil & charcoal along with a few other products* are there to work their magic without causing damage. The gel dried pretty quickly so you can relax your mouth and leave for 20 mins before rinsing, but dont forget about it like I have done on one occasion. I actually did notice that my teeth looked a little whiter after the first use, which was impressive. As its safe to use daily because its not very strong in chemicals Ill see how it goes over time and will let you all know. It also freshens your breath if you need it!

Im always really sceptical when it comes to skin care, especially when they are aimed at those not so easy to deal with issues, but over time skin care is evolving and there are many products on the market that are available to help with these issues. I really enjoyed using the BLAQ products and my favourite has to be the eye mask, which was really refreshing to use and I can see my self walking around with these on most mornings to start my day looking fab and awake!

Sal x

*Activated Charcoal, Coconut Oil, Glycerol, Aqua, Sodium Chlorite, Cellulose Gum, EDTA, DL Menthol, Citric Acid.