Update | What's been going on ...

It’s been an amazing year which just flew by . Everyone told me this would happen and to cherish and make the most of every moment. It’s been a year now since my husband and I got married and I moved to Melbourne. I also just turned 30 so that’s been a big milestone too.

I can’t really account for the whole year as it only feels like it’s been a few months but I have finally settled in with my new life. In the beginning it was very weird to even be on the same time zone as my husband and to see him every day. I suddenly had a new life/ role as a wife which was over whelming and I had to make my own choices on things I’d never dealt with before but also to share those decisions and responsibilities with somebody else. I had not lived with my husband before we got married so just adjusting to him and living with a man was very different too. We didn’t live with my in laws for too long (only 2 weeks!) so it made getting to know my husband easier and adjusting to life just that bit smoother and having some independence in making our own choices. Being with someone and then living with them is so different and you can learn something about the other person every single day!

We ( Husband and I ) signed a lease together and have made home in a beautiful quite suburb in Melbourne not too far from the city which is perfect for the both of us, it being spacious and very homely. We enjoyed going shopping and putting our home together, something I had been dreaming about for years! I love Ikea and we had many trips there along with all the boring trips to buy electrical goods. Only down side about moving out from your parents is the amount of house chores and ‘Things’ there are to do in your own home! Cooking, cleaning, laundry and more cleaning! Although the chores are shared between my husband and I , I am the only one that’s cooks, so planning and cooking everyday on my own has been a huge challenge. I enjoy cooking and eating good food so simple meals are never enough and I always want to go that extra mile.

We went on a lovely holiday to Singapore a few months ago on our way to London, which was fab. We needed a holiday and exploring another country was really lovely. The weather was a little difficult to tolerate being humid all day and night long, so the three days we were there was enough. Singapore is very beautiful and the people of the country are so friendly. There are so many strict rules in the country one being, you cant chew gum, so the country itself is clean, you can be out at any time of the day and you wont feel unsafe, travelling around was easy, there was always food to eat everywhere and the culture was amazing. I would definitely consider stopping by in Singapore again if I have the chance again. I also vlogged our trip so If you want to see what we got up to, check it out on my YouTube channel.

Being in the UK for about 10 days was not enough at all! My sister in law also went to London around the same time as us, so we shared our time with her, my family and did some day outs on our own. It was so nice to see my friends and family again and however much time you spend with them, it’s never enough . We didn’t stay at my parents, but I did stay a few a nights with them and it was so good to be back in my own bedroom with my sisters, just like old times. Being back in London felt like I had never left but at the same time, it felt like a holiday. I also didn’t enjoy the long journeys on public transport after getting used to driving everywhere in AUS and found it all so busy everywhere! I wished I had booked a longer trip considering I didn't really have restrictions , but I never thought about it to begin with and by the time I did, it was a huge expense to adjust my flights. There were so many things I wanted to do, many more people to see but we didn't pack it all in, so I now know for next time, that I will need to go for much longer.

In the last year I was also able to also start my YouTube channel after much hesitation, but I have loved making videos and being creative in how I edit them and present information. Its still the beginning and I have a lot to learn. It can be difficult making sure I have weekly videos and there was a time I just didn't manage, so right now Im putting together videos for once a week if I can manage. I love filming vlogs too but haven't been able to film one in ages. I lost my vlog camera in December and my other camera is too heavy to carry around. A part of me wanted to buy a new camera to vlog, but something kept stopping me. 2 months later, the police got in contact with our landlords real estate agency , to get in touch with us as someone had handed in my camera!! They tracked us down by doing some investigating, I was so ecstatic to say the least, as I remember I cried and sulked for days after I lost it as it was a gift from my husband and also a big deal for me. A part of me always felt I would find it. I cant believe that are some amazing people out there who would go out of their way to do something good for someone else.

Its been really nice to hear from friends and family in the UK that they enjoy my videos and because of them, I dont seem so far away, So I cant wait to get vlogging again!

My In-laws recently rescued a very cute Domestic Short Hair Kitten who is the most adorable but bonkers thing out there. She is called Fifi and is currently about 11 weeks old. I didn't have any pets growing up but I adore cats and so does my husband and his family. They have had cats before so for me its very new. She is very naughty but still loved by us all and how ever much mischief she gets up to its so hard to tell her off! We would love to get a fur ball of our own ( Husband and I) but cant with our current lease.

We created an Insta page for Fifi, were we can share her craziness with everyone so our own personal feeds are not taken over with all her cuteness. ( Fifi's Insta is @miss_fifi_girl)

So thats it for now. Im planning some getaways soon in Victoria and a little travelling for this year which is super exciting, My sisters will also plan their first trip to Aus so I cannot wait for that! I think this update got a little too long, but it felt like a good old chat and a little diary entry. Thanks for joining me and have a great day!

Sal x