Model Co

Model Co

Model Co is an Australian brand that started off with their popular heated eye lash curlers nearly 15 years ago and then has gone on to creating over 250 products! I was very kindly sent these three lovely products from some of their bestsellers and instantly fell in love with the pink packaging. I have really enjoyed the goodies that were sent to me and one product in particular, I have been using more or less everyday since I got it! Have a read below on my thoughts.

Magic Makeup Blender

I love a good coloured beauty sponge and this bright pink one is really popping! It makes applying your makeup so much more fun. I don’t use beauty sponges very often as I find it really time consuming to apply my make-up and it hurts my arms as I tense when blotting away. The Model Co sponge is really smooth and does not have as many visible pores as the Beauty Blender making it very soft. When dipped in water it grew very big even after squeezing out the excess water which I found was good because it stopped the foundation being soaked up as it was already soaked with water and there was minimal wastage. I was really happy with the finish of the foundation as it looked flawless and airbrushed, I had to question myself about why I don’t use a beauty sponge more often! For once in a long time I was actually really happy with the way my based looked. My arms did hurt by the end of it, but it was totally worth it.

Model Co More Brow

More Brows Fibre Gel

I am currently turning to this brow mascara a lot. I have used this before and it brings back memories of how much I enjoyed it then. I am loving it purely because its very pigmented and I can get away with using this alone with no other products and it will give my brows more depth and creates definition. I used the Medium to Dark which is perfect for me as its a cooled toned brown.The formula also dries well and doesn’t leave my brows crispy but more natural in finish with the flexible ‘dried glue’ like formula. The brush is nice and small with bristles that are spaced apart that kind of create the illusion of brow hair, if applied correctly. I have to work really swiftly with the brow gel as it dries quickly, trying to avoid ‘peeling away’ the gel when I add more product, which can create an uneven finish especially when I use it at the more sparse areas of my brows. Overall It’s a fab brow mascara which I’ve been using a lot recently.

It’s a little unfortunate that the packaging of the Brow Mascara doesn’t tie in with the other bright pink packaging and is a rather dull brown.

More Brows Fibre Gel comes in two shades Light to Medium and Medium to Dark.

Model Co Fat Lash Mascara

Fat Lash Ultra Volumising and Lengthening Mascara

This mascara is in another bright pink container which I love. Did you know that my favourite colour is pink?? This mascara brush is made with silicone and also has a brush ball at the end of it, to help get to those smaller lashes whilst using vertically. I was intrigued to see if I would get as much volume as other mascaras that I am using at the moment considering the bristles on the brush are made to coat each lash individually. It is easy to apply without creating brush marks around my eyes but as the formula is not very thick it doesn’t add or create a lot of volume, as I would expect from a volumizing mascara. There is definitely more length and separation of the lashes due to the style of the brush. Would I use this for when I want full lashes? No, but I would defo use this for an everyday look to add some depth and lift. The mascara is, however, very comfortable to wear without any flaking or smudging. The style of the brush is also great for applying some mascara to the bottom lashes.

Thank you Model Co for sending me these gorgeous goodies . They were just my thing with the colour theme and I have a firm favourite, More Brows Fibre Gel. I can’t wait to try out some of their other products. Have you used Model Co products before? What would you recommend I give a go?

Sal x