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This year we have started off with the “All About New” box and were sent our goodies in a standard white box but that’s forgivable as I’ve really enjoyed using all the products that we were sent. I have had more than a few favourites this month which was quite exciting.

I cant believe how fast the first month of the year has already flown by but we will soon all be receiving our second box!

Karen Murrel Lipstick

This all organic lipstick is made up of a vegetable fat which is yielded from the Candelilla plant (which grows in northern Mexico) Evening Primrose Oil and Castor oil. These ingredients combined I love the motto the brand has “Nothing nasty touches my lips” as its natural and free from chemicals. Upon wearing it, it has a lovely natural scent which at first smelts like aniseed but not as strong with some floral notes, I still can’t make it out. Other lipsticks I’ve used haven’t had such a natural smell, so this felt great. We were able to choose the shade we wanted, so I chose Violet Mousse. The Violet Mousse is pink, has a glossy finish, which is in fact more tacky then sticky so feels really comfortable on the lips. The lipstick doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and is really comfortable throughout the day. It feels more like a lip balm but great pigment coverage and the feel reminds me of my Nuxe lip balm. The shade itself looks very natural as it’s a sheer finish but definitely pigmented. This meant that it’s very easy to apply, without having to worry about being precise around the lip line. Despite the colour coverage lasting for about 4 hours, the moisturising nourishing layer was still there.

Great Lipstick and with it’s all natural ingredients and colour, you have a 2in1 product which is not only to add colour but also has benefiting qualities.

La Roch Posay Anthelios XL SPF50 Nutritive oil

At first I thought this oil was a spritz bottle and I was super excited, I sprayed it all over my arms and it actually squirted all over the room as it was a pump bottle! The oil is a great alternative to using a cream and is easily spreadable and sinks into the skin very quickly in comparison. Its feels light on the skin, is not greasy at all and leaves a lovely dewy finish which is not sticky. I would use this oil on my body and NOT my face. The oil is an amazing SPF 50 UVA/ UVB sunscreen so you will still tan using it and the skin will be kept nourished. It would have been lovely is this was a spray bottle for an easier step in being able to spread all over the body.

Palmolive White Rose and Macadamia Oil

I was happy to have received this sample as I’m already using the ‘Jasmine and Avocado oil’ moisturiser from this range and I have enjoyed using it. Its nearly come to an end so it’s great to try out a different scent to test which one I would re buy. I love that the moisturiser comes in a pump bottle, as it’s easy to get it out and apply when required. The one I have sits in my bathroom and is a pretty bottle too. The moisturiser itself feel quite airy and light, not runny, a little like mousse but thicker. Maybe like whipped cream! It’s easy to spread and isn’t greasy but leaves the skin moisturised throughout the day . The fragrance is very natural without being over powering and doesn’t smell unrealistic.

BLAQ Meteor Scrub

Firstly I love how BLAQ have packaged this product and the instructions of how to use it is playful and very descriptive to ensure the product is used correctly to make the most of it. The scrub is made up of active charcoal to detoxify the skin, sea salt, Soya bean and Olive fruit oils and also has real meteorite powder within it, to leave a lovely iridescent glow to on skin.

The scrub is not dry or too crumbly and hold well so it was easy to scoop a handful and scrub onto the body with very little wasted. It has a slightly weird smell, unlike some other BLAQ products Ive tried, but thats ok! Its not unpleasant but just weird. The scrub it self is gentle on the skin and as its made of salt it will start to melt in the hot shower. I was left with smoother skin which was also nourished with the oils. I followed all the steps on the packaging precisely to try and achieve the iridescent glow, but I didn't quite get it. Instead some of the greyness of the charcoal or meteorite powder remained on my skin in patches ( due to the oils), which could be because I didn't spread the product well enough over my body. So I would suggest scrubbing well to avoid a dull/ greyish finish.

Barubaya Crocodile Oil

This is such a new ingredient that I have never heard being used in skin care products! Crocodile oil **Gasp** is it just me or is this really weird? I hit up the Barubaya team on their Instagram for some more information of the benefits of the oil and to ask if the oil was really derived from crocodiles. They informed me that the product does use oil sourced from saltwater crocodiles which is known to have natural antibacterial, anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties (its sourced from their fat!) This oil also has rose geranium and is high in omega 3, 6 and 9 which is essential for hydration and nourishing of the skin, whilst its also great for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

The oil itself in a blend of crocodile oil and geranium flowers and has a milky oily formula and you only need about 2-3 drops if using on your face. I’ve been using it with no other moisturiser and it’s been amazing. Although this product has a weird smell, it has been nourishing for my skin and also really helpful with some spots and a random scab I developed. Being an oil I thought it would be greasy but it was far from that and left my skin with a lovely glow, so I guess this would also be ok to wear during the day in small amounts too.

Klorane Vitamin B Shampoo

I was sent the Vitamin B shampoo and was excited to try it out as I’ve wanted to use the Klorane products for a while now. The shampoo is designed to gently cleanse, strengthen and restore volume in the hair. With the heat and humidity it’s just what I need for my hair. The shampoo is a off putting dark brown colour but don’t be put off by that as it smells fresh , a little like men’s perfume and lathers up well and my hair was squeaky clean after rinsing. My hair had more volume and as the shampoo is light there isn’t any residual products weighing the hair down so you do get more bounce after drying.

Thanks Bellabox for sending me this amazing box this month. I'm looking forward to Feb's 'Loved up' edition where all subscribers will be sent an Original Source Moisturising Shower Milk and a Manna Kadar Pearlised Powder.

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Sal x