January Empties

It’s been while since I’ve done an empties post and its mostly due to the fact that I’ve been trying lots of new things so it’s just taken a lot longer to finish a product! Moving to Melbourne has meant that I’ve had to adjust my skin care routine and the types of makeup I can use for my skin feel comfortable. My skin type remains the same at oil/ combinational and the heat/humidity during the summer months doesn't really help as it just makes it worse!

None the less I have finished these products and would love to share my thoughts on them.

Swisspers Makeup remover Wipes with Micellar and Coconut Water

I discovered these wipes when I was sent a single wipe in my Bellabox and although it was dry, I could just tell by the fabric and size of the wipe that it could work really well. I decided to buy a pack to give myself a chance to use them properly and I for sure wasnt disappointed. The wipes are nice and moist so I’m able to melt and dissolve my makeup away with it. The wipe itself is large, soft but slightly textured and very versatile. I find that my makeup removes well and that the wipe it really durable so doesn’t stretch out therefore I’m able make the most of it. The soft but textured aspect also helps to lift off makeup and excess residue. The wipes are infused with micellar and coconut water so it is refreshing & hydrating and they also have a gentle coconut fragrance to it, but is not oily or greasy. With any make up remove wipe, I do find that it doesn’t lift off all makeup/ oil ( but more than most wipes Ive used) so I also go over with some micellar water on a cotton pad and then wash my face with a cleanser. The packaging also has a plastic lid to ensure that the wipes do not dry out which is fab.

I’ve bought a couple of packs in the last 4 months from Chemist Warehouse. They sell multipacks ( 2 x 25wipes) which makes it more cost effective compared to buying single packs ( 25 wipes)

Garnier Micellar Water

I’ve raved about this micellar water before and I’ve got through another huge bottle! I use it daily to remove makeup after using a makeup wipe, before cleansing and washing my face. It gets rid of the remaining makeup and dirt I have on my face, as make up remover wipes do not do the best job alone. It breaks down and removes makeup but its super gentle on the skin. I find that it doesn’t dry out my face, is soothing and keeps my skin hydrated, especially on those days I haven’t moisturised straight after. Its gentle on the eyes and doesn’t leave any stinging sensation. I also have found that the micellar water is really long lasting and you don’t need to get your cotton pad soaking wet to do its job. I use about two wipes when I have been wearing foundation and on the second round, I can pretty much see I’ve removed everything off my skin.

I also like using the water on days I am not wearing makeup and I just want to refresh my skin and get rid of some oils throughout the day.

Super Facialist by Una Brennan Vit C Brightening Oil Cleanser

Seems like this post is becoming more like a skin care routine posts!

I also just finished using the Super Facialist Vit C Brightening oil, which I can’t get in AUS. I brought this one as an extra with me when I came from the UK a year ago and have been alternating with this and another oil cleanser. I first discovered this oil after I saw Anna Edit using it and had to try it after she raved about it. It has a light smell of oranges and has a lovely light weight texture. It’s not too thick or runny and feels nice against the skin. I rub it onto my skin in circular motions to melt away excess makeup and I use a hot wet face towel to rub away the oil which also exfoliates my skin. You can also wash away with water too, as the oil emulsifies and becomes a milky texture. The oil is infused with Vitamin C, Olive oil, Grapeseed oil and Rosehip oils. The oil is also boosted with Vitamin E and soothing cucumber oil. After using the oil, my skin feels refreshed, cleansed and much softer. When I was in the UK a few months back I couldn't find it in any of the Boots stores, so will have to try hunt it down and have someone send me some more!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara I did recently mentioned this mascara in a blog post and did a little comparison to its known dupe. I do actually like using this mascara a lot as it gives me very voluptuous volumised lashes, within a coat. The brush grasps to the lashes and coats on the formula which is thick, without clumping the eyes. I did find that over time the formula dries out a tad too much so you do get some flakiness after wearing it for at least half the day. I also find the brush to be on the big side so I ALWAYS get mascara brush prints on my eye lids which can be super annoying especially when I have eyeshadow on! The mascara is great to use when its fairly new as I love the look it gives and how big it makes my eyes look. I do have a back up of this and currently alternating with other mascaras I also love to use.

Nuxe Lip Balm This was the first Nuxe product I ever brought and because I loved it so much I tried out other items in their range. This balm is made up of acacia honey and shea butter and contains no preservatives or artificial scents. The balm is really nourishing and lasts a long time on the lips with its protective coating and no sticky feeling to it. The balm also has repairing qualities so is great to use on dry chapped lips, especially during the colder months. Although the balm has no artificial scents, the natural fragrance and taste of honey and grapefruit is apparent which makes the experience so much nicer. The balm comes in a tub of 15g, but I can tell you this tub will last a very time time, as a small amount can cover the lips and it would still feel like a generous layer. I love using this before I sleep, so it can do its magic during the night and I can wake up to soft supple lips

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara This is a great brow mascara, formula wise and one of the first brow products I started using. I have enjoyed using it as the formula has a tint to it which stays on and creates a filled in brow look. I dont fill in my brows everyday so I prefer to use brow gels that fill in to deepen & define them and to also keep my brows in place as I have really long hairs and I found that this mascara does that. It does dry the brows stiff which keeps the hairs tamed without going crunchy or too waxy. The only thing I dont like is that the brush is too big ( its rounded) so I dont get the precision I want and the formula can go over the brow area . I have over time started to use other products that have a smaller brush to give me a cleaner finish, but this brow mascara is great for an everyday use.

Sal x